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Is It Balearic? / Venus Top Ten

Is It Balearic? was conceived at Venus, in Nottingham, at the start of the 1990s. Venus was a club key in the then “Balearic Network”, the tongue-in-cheek name given to the collective of party-spirited organisers and promoters throughout the UK, that linked “legends” such as Back To Basics in the North with their likeminded counterparts at soirees such as Flying in the South. During that time of “cultural exchange”, coach trips and weekenders, Timm & Ampo, as residents at Venus, travelled up and down the country DJing at venues and events such as The Gardening Club, Stealth, Sabresonic, Ministry Of Sound, Club UK, and Voodoo.

After over a decade of DJing together, the two friends formed Coyote in 2004, to produce music, then in 2007, Is It Balearic? Recordings, initially with the humble aim of making their own productions available to the public. Over the last seven years Timm & Ampo, and Is It Balearic? have established a new Balearic Network, extending out from the UK to Portugal, Uruguay, Italy, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, Lithuania, Norway, Belgium, New York, Ibiza, and Japan.

A 2XCD compilation of highlights from the label`s first five years, one CD selected by Coyote, the other by close friend Moonboots, is about to be released in conjunction with Japanese label ENE (home to 9DW, Cos / Mes, Tiago amongst others). To mark the release we asked Timm & Ampo for their top ten tracks from Venus, the place where their current adventure began.


Ramirez / La Musika Tremenda (DJ Ricci remix) / A sweaty downstairs basement track, that made people stop and look up with the chanting then the trance dance kicked in. It sounded so powerful.

Fini Tribe / 101 / Amazing shuffle, chugging, bassline breaks and vocal. Loud & Clear.

Mr Monday / Daybreak / This really stood out as it was quite slow for the time. It has an amazing raw sound but also real beauty.

Blow / Cutter / My god what a fucking tune! The place used to erupt when I played this.

Axe Corner / Tortuga (Bad Sld) / Massive.


Club House / Deep In My Heart / Just one of the happiest Italo House tunes. It always had people dancing and smiling. The campest of vocals which is always a bonus.

Paradiso / Here We go Again / Possibly the most Balearic House record ever made.

Carly Simon / You`re So Vain / This was a dancing on the bar anthem. Good to drop this and then ramp it back up again.

Jesus Loves You / Generations Of Love (Totally Outted) / The Flamenco guitars and the heat upstairs at Venus always made this tune go off.

Happy Mondays / Bob`s Yer Uncle (Perfecto mix) / A bit more laid back but the most perfect tune for us at that moment in time. It just captured the whole e vibe completely.