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Jex Opolis / 10 Awesome Kevin McCord Songs

Kevin doesn’t get much recognition, but his body of writing and production makes him Detroit's Quincy Jones. Here are 10 amazing cuts from his resume.

Oliver Cheatham / Get Down Saturday Night
Daft Punk should pay royalties for TWO different tunes they ripped from this cut.

Candye / Loverboy
Insane vocal, and I love that pause at the end of the phrase in the verse.

One Way / You Can Do It
I love grooves like this; the eighth note, two-chord pattern and then the bass moving under it. Killer.

Marcus / Senorita
Really hi-energy track, massive vocal. Imagine MJ singing this. Lights out.

One Way / Push
Funky as anything. People always ask “which one’s this again, Jex?”

Kevin McCord / When the Night Comes
I love this modern Gospel smooth sound.

Carmen / Time To Move
Not technically a McCord cut, but it came out on his label so I’m including it. Someone sampled this recently? I hope they are paying royalties.

Kevin McCord / Never Say
I played this recently and three Japanese guys rushed the decks and politely demanded to know what it was. A good sign.

Carmen / Throwdown
Another absolute jammer. Where is Carmen today? I hope she’s had a good life.

Sharon Paige With Harold Melvin And The Blue Notes ‎/ Tonight’s The Night
I usually go for more barebones disco, but this cut, along with Ashford and Simpson’s “Bourgie Bourgie,” are two big productions that sit right with me.