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Test Pressing

Len Leise / Playlist

Looking through my interview answers I’m not sure I`ve given the reader a greater understanding of myself. So I thought I’d make my theme: Understanding Len.

Los Minus Hernandez / Arapuru

In Lake Como drunk on wine Ezy sits on his porch noodling his guitar. Children clap along in an unsteady rhythm. His wife beautiful in the summer nonchalantly mallets away to her husbands wondering tune, calling the dog home, empty glasses are again filled, sleep has left this town long ago.

Hajime Mizoguchi / Oasis In The Water

Synthesised keys dance delicately across water lilies, the emotion in that Cello! The simple repetitive beat, lively percussion tells a tale of romance and heartache. The piano searches for solitude. This is a glimpse into a man who has loved and lost.

Asphixiation / Aural Risk

“Tsk Tsk Tsk” say the horns, “Why do you play us this way!” “Shutup and play” says Philip with his dick blowing in the breeze. Give me three reasons why I should listen? The room is filled with cigarette smoke, he’d rather play with his 606 than mark his student’s university papers. Who could blame him. Schools out. It’s Australia and 40 degrees outside.

Peter Westheimer / Move

Today I just happened to be wearing white jeans and a cut-off T-shirt. Seriously.

Jon Hassell / Gift Of Fire

Muslim Gauze’s American brother, coffee-coloured Classical, Eastern Eno, playing with Glass, the deconstruction of New Age and the reconstruction of a new world. Wim Wenders wearing rose coloured glasses. A borderless bed of mystery and enchantment.

Hiroshi & Claudia / This early Broadminded`s Emptiness

Hiroshi nervously adjusts his tie, his date, Claudia, is late. He’s not sure she may even come, they only exchanged glances at a party once. His friend Hajime set it up and he’s been regretting the past 5 minutes he’s been here alone, waiting, sweating in his woollen suit, what was he thinking it’s already summer. It doesn’t matter that it’s his only suit, all the matters is that he doesn’t know what to say to her when she gets here.

Jun Fukamachi / Nicole ’86 Spring and Summer Collection

I don’t know who Nicole is but I’d sure like to meet her.

Idris Muhammad / Loran’s Dance

Cigars smoke in the summer air, steak simmers blurring the horizon. Gaussian Water laps at the boats edge, deep blue and lucid. We’re all fishing for our own private peace.

K. Leimer / My Timid Desires

I’d rather play it than say it.

The Metronomes / Bad Timing

Within twelve hours, more than 180 fires fanned by winds of up to 110 km/h (68 mph) caused widespread destruction across the states of Victoria and South Australia. Years of severe drought and extreme weather combined to create one of Australia’s worst fire days in a century. The fires became the deadliest bushfire in Australian history.