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Manu / Archeo Recordings / Current Top 10

Manu`s current favourite phrase is "There are shadows because there are hills", while his current listening sounds like this:

Phantom Actors E.P. / Jonny Nash
Oh my God… Absolutely sublime bliss!!!

Rebecca’s Theme (Water Mix) / A.R.T. Wilson
The soundtrack of the summer‚ very liquid! Percussive! Love it!

Adios Tren De Jaipur / Javier Bergia
Acoustic / Balearic / Dreamy / Folk Rock at its best!! A big thanks, from the heart, to dear Chuggy (Emotional Rescue)!

Lay / Begin
Begin always astonishes with the beauty, elegance & poetry in his music…

Get Around To It / Arthur Russell
I love Arthur! I have all of his music on vinyl and CD. I made also have a T-shirt with him on it. This is one of my favorite tunes of all time! HOLD ON TO YOUR DREAMS!

The Poet LP / Olli Ahvenlahti
I have had the original LP on my Wantlist for years‚ but it’s so expensive…
I was waiting for a long time for a reissue of this marvelous 1976 Fusion / Jazz-Funk album of Olli, and finally Mr. Bongo did it. I play and used to play this track so much and it’s so fantastic.

Me So’ Mbricato `E Te Forever / Pino Daniele
A warm thanks to Pino for all his incredible work (R.I.P.)!

Cero (DJ Harvey remix) / Galarude
Yesssss!! What a trip!! Kudos Mr. Harvey!

Safari Of Love / Miro
I have had the chance to be in contact with Miro and I can only say he’s a special person! Grazie Miro! Soon‚ very soon‚ on Archeo Recordings (AR 003)!

Ultima Caccia / Giuliano Sorgini
I can’t stop listening to it! Hypnotic!