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Interview / Manu / Archeo Recordings

Where are you from?
I’m from Bologna, Italy. The town of arcades and the Middle Ages.

Where are you based?
Since I was 3 I’ve lived in Florence, Italy, the town of art and the Renaissance.

What made you start?
When I was 8 I started studying classic drums for 5 years and I remember I used to spend lots of time listening to my mother’s record collection. There was one in particular that seduced me and it was Tony Esposito`s first LP! That’s why I now love artists like Tony Esposito, Tullio De Piscopo, and all Afro-drumming tracks.

I started DJing when I was 16, buying 2 grey Technics 1200, I still have them, and a cheap mixer. I was a dancer before and I used to go to Matis, Les Bains Douches and Kinky in Bologna on Saturday nights or Tenax, Space Electronic and Happyland (“Torquemada” night) in Florence. It was the House / Italo-House scene and I spent hours in front of DJ Ricci (R.I.P.) and others to see how they worked and mixed to make people dance & have fun. I was also influenced by the classic New-Wave, House, and Electro. I started to buy vinyl regularly.

What made you start Archeo Recordings?
The desire to be active in the production and spread of good music, old and new. Also music is an artistic heritage which could be lost… and I don’t want that to happen. The label for sure is a labour of Love!

How would you describe your sound?
Balearic / Cosmic / Afro / Meditative / Floating / Mellow / Groovy.

Manu, I`m guessing you aren`t old enough to have partied at Cosmic or Typhoon. What was your introduction to the genius of Baldelli & Loda?
Exactly, unfortunately I was too young to go to Cosmic or Typhoon. I was only 5 when Baldelli started his magical DJ residence at Cosmic. In the years after, from the mid ’90s, I was introduced to the Cosmic sound by a group of DJs here in Florence and by older DJ friends. Particularly by Luca Effe, my older-brother-in-Music, a great DJ active in the Cosmic era, with whom I often play here in Florence, with the moniker “minD the sounD”, Manu & Luca Effe DJs, a project where we search for an eclectic and refined style, a mix of various genres that stretches from Ambient to Electro, going through Balearic, Cosmic, Fusion, Jazz-Funk, Disco, Nu-Disco, House & Rock. We sometimes meet and talk about new, rare vinyl gems that we have in our private collections or just discover. It’s fantastic, so stimulating!

I also started to listen to the famous “BD & TBC MIX” tapes (Baldelli Daniele & Tosi Brandi Claudio)… I spent hours tracking down what I was listening to and I can say that it only added fuel to the fire of my passion and my trained ear to an eclectic sound.

And now, of course, I have to say thanks to the great Balearic family of DJs and Labels for such examples of inspiration, love & respect: Chuggy & Emotional Rescue, Balearic Mike, Yozo & EAD Records, Mudd & Claremont 56, Moonboots & Aficionado Recordings, RedLightRecords guys & Music From Memory, Leo Mas, Phil Mison, Lexx, Mark Seven, Mark Barrott & International Feel Recordings, Sean P., Andy Taylor & We Are The Sunset parties, Simon Lee, …

Where is your favourite place to play / party / other?
In Florence, at “Spiaggia” (The beach!) in the summer and at Mix Bistrò in the winter.

“Spiaggia” is the venue where I invited Balearic Mike to play in summer 2013 for a Pitti night (Pitti the international world menswear fashion trade show). Great memories I have of that night! Super Mike’s gig! It’s the perfect place for the Balearic style… it`s an amazing location and setting, on the river Arno, next to the Ponte Vecchio.… a cold beer and great music! What more do you need!!! Yesss!

Mix Bistrò is a strange place… a big bar, a restaurant and a pub on two levels, just outside Florence. Great food, vegetarian, I have been a vegetarian for a year, it has a super relaxed and warm atmosphere, where I can start my set with Balearic / Cosmic stuff and go on and finishing with Groovy / Dance tracks at 110 / 120 BPM. People talk and drink and listens to music, total relax. I can really play what I want and that’s so important… it’s very stimulating and exciting. The people who work there are perfect as they all love and have an ear for music. I used to play there with some great DJs; friends from Florence, Luca Effe, Michael Byrne, Claudio Capitoni, Tomato Soundsoup, Umberto / Loudtone, Danex, Guido & Carlo. We use to play and to bring out our personal gems and always say: “Oh, listen to this one!” or “What’s that??!?”. That’s funny. I really love playing there.

What are you most proud of?
Archeo Recordings and establishing good relationships with fantastic persons on the scene.

What are your plans for 2015?
More releases for Archeo, more Djing, more parties & more fun! I have a lot of good contracts closed for some super reissues…I can reveal that the 12″ mix of Miro`s “Safari Of Love” and Tullio De Piscopo`s super rare LP “Suonando La Batteria Moderna” are coming very soon.

You can keep up with Archeo`s releases here: