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Test Pressing

Marco “Pee Doo” Gallerani / Hell Yeah Recordings

Where are you from?

I proudly come from Casumaro, a 1800 people village in the province of Ferrara, Emilia Romagna, known for fog, home of some of the naughtiest rural clubbers of the 90s and for being “the village of snails”, we eat snails and there’s a pretty nice local feast the first ten days of August.

Where are you based?

Now I do live between Ferrara… and Berlin… in order to keep my record business dream going.

What made you start?

A classic. As a kid my older neighbor was into Kiss, so at 8 I got “Alive II”… The same neighbor eventually became a DJ, so hundred of tapes later me and my best friend Enzo Baruffaldi (now runs influential Italian website “Polaroid” ) started to have quite an eclectic collection, and by 16 we were throwing “legendary” house parties in Casumaro… At 17 we went for the first time to a club, it was an after-hour in Cesenatico. Early `90s was a proper mix of styles and genres. We wanted to know deeper what we were hearing and reading in magazines and fanzines, what the coolest radio shows was playing and so on. I’m happy that we wanted to dig deeper. In 1994 I competely left my other passion, basketball, and I started playing Industrial Techno, Hardcore, Breakcore, Gabber at the seminal Link in Bologna.

After a few months working in a foundry and a few others washing dishes, mainly on E, in London, in 1996, with a lot of luck and quite a bit of unconsciousness I started to work for Expanded Music in Bologna, the home of Italian Records, DFC (Dance Floor Corporation), Mantra Vibes… I did the full mess tin program: removals, promotion, teas, international affairs and then A&R… Hell Yeah Recordings started as a Techno-hands in the air label in 2006… In 2008, at the highest top of the digital revolution, my boss prefered to concentrate on the back catalogue, cutting sources for new releases… He said he would do administartion work for my label if I wanted to continue… so I did… Hell Yeah recordings still sounds a shitty name to me… but at the end of the game I release the records I’d love to hear so, hell yeah!

What makes you continue?

The odd record I always hope to listen whenever I’m out, the one I need to know the title of and made me want to go to the DJ and ask “What is this?”
I have never collected records, but I collect emotions and memories, through the music playing at that precise moment, and I want to have a physical copy of it. I do not have many pictures, photographs, of the past but I have all the soundtracks…

And honestly? I can’t do anything else.

How would you describe your sound?

As label owner “Expect the unexepected” quite fits me I hope, as a DJ I definitely play Balearic Gabba.

Where is your favourite place to play / party / other?

I just like to select music, play my vinyl to people in order to keep them head-nodding while they order drinks or while they do fancy moves with the ladies.
Really, I love it… I’ve always been the guy in the shadow pushing the others and the artists, anytime I have the chance to “DJ”, it’s the best time of my life. Replying seriously, a warehouse on the beach open to the seaside would be my fave spot.

Anywhere where a DJ is able to surprise me is a great place to party
…In Berlin, I know it’s pretty obvious, but you really can’t beat Berghain / Panorama Bar… It’s a place able to get out the best out of a DJ, especially the eclectic party ones…

Also I love food feasts… I always try to think global and eat local.

What are you most proud of?

My parents. Except for some Italian pop 7s in their twenties they have never been into music and concentrated their life to grow the two sons. I’m 40 and they still do not what I do in order to live… “What the fuck you do with all those fucking records…”

Who are you working with?

A wild bunch of super talented producers: Enzo Elia, Tempelhof, Margot, Luminodisco, Crimea X (DJ Rocca and Jukka Reverberi), Marco Dassi and E-the-Hot.
”His Abusive Kindness” aka Andrea Amaducci takes control of all the artworks of the label… the original logo was created by Neverendingan italian artist living in Amsterdam.

What are your plans for 2014?

Make a decent living through music, and fall in love again.

The next records are an old-but-new Disco 12″ by Dimitri from Paris & DJ Rocca called “Disco Shake”, there’s A Tom Moulton Mix included and that makes me very happy, an album which makes me proud by Tempelhof & Gigi Masin called “Hoshi”, then a 12″ by Enzo Elia featuring Italian singer Rockerillo called “Retracing My Steps”, which includes a Jazz version by 3iO and a remix by DJ Kaos, an “extended” EP by Telespazio, a side project of one of my fave Italian DJs, Fabrizio Mammarella, “Understory” the debut album by Luminodisco, a Brazilian 12″ affair by Mushrooms Project, some Techno roughness by Zanetti Motors and more Balearic Gabba action… Something I forget… and a number zero of a Hell Yeah-related fanzine called “Expect The Unexpected”…

If I fall in love again, looks like I have to estimate for another divorce…