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Test Pressing

Party Starters / Marco Gallerani / Hell Yeah! Recordings

If you`ve been here a while then you`ll know that we used to do something called “20 Questions”. Lengthier interviews that fell just shy of “What`s your favourite colour?” but did include questions like “What`s your favourite book?”, “What`s your favourite film?”, “Can you name three records for sunrise / sunset?”, and “Can you name three records to start a party?” Then the site got a makeover, almost a year ago I think. A redesign aimed at young folks on-the-move armed with smart phones and the power-that-be / Apiento said, “Rob, can you cut those interviews down mate, keep `em, fast, snappy?” So I retired the “20 Questions”, but I never stopped asking them. I continued to compile the answers, and one plan was always, as soon as I had enough, to start posting them, so here we go.

Since this week I seem to be in Italy, we`ll stay there and here are “Three Party Starters” selected by Marco “Pee Doo” Gallerani of Hell Yeah! Recordings.

Denaji / Wuhti (DJ Sotofett’s Bhakti Crew Mix)

Ceasefire / Trickshot

Jorge Ben / Falcao (L’Ottavo Re Di Roma)

Watch out for a LP from Telespazio / Fabrizio Mammarella later this month, and also some really nice remixes of Underground System`s “Bella Ciao” from Leo Mas & Fabrice and Gigi Masin later this year, all on Hell Yeah!