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Playlist / Lone Star Productions / 6th Anniversary

Lone Star Productions is six years old. A party that started as a punch up in a Koenji coffee shop, and was named after the tee-shirt that DJ Harvey`s brother happened to be wearing (Hi Guy! I hope you are well), will be celebrating its 6th anniversary this Saturday, October 1st at Bonobo in Harajuku. Doors open at 10, close when the wheels have fallen off, and to help with proceedings we`ve persuaded esteemed DJs and Purveyors of rare wax, Chee Shimizu (of Organic Music) and Dubby (of Ondas) to take over those peak(ing) hours. Please do come an join us.


Kabasa / Picking Up the Pieces / Atlantic

For a dancing party like yours, this is not my current favourite, but my all time favourite.


Manuel Göttsching / Ashra / Shuttlecock (Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi Remix) / Vinyl Factory

The original is a firm favourite from “Life” (long-running party at Ebisu`s Bar Jam) and this is a beautifully hypnotic re-work.


Kiwi / Throwdown (Latin Freestyle Mix) / Optimo Music

Twitch’s label is on fire, releasing not only new stuff, but old, by legends like Dennis Bovell, Peter Zummo, and this gem of a Freestyle anthem! Raise your hands in the air, throw’em like ya just don’t care!


Luminodisco / Oh Mary / Hell Yeah!

Since it`s our anniversary, here`s something that`s been pretty much a staple of my sets at Bonobo since its release last year.


Africano / Open your hearts / Suncut

Just got a re-issue. Available only at Sounds Of The Universe.