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Playlist / Ruf Dug / 10 Wet Play Drenchers

Since 2010 Manchester`s Wet Play has been host to residents Randy Marsh, Kickin` Pigeon, Wayward Craig, Ste Spandex, and Metrodome, and guests like Tom Noble, Beautiful Swimmers, Seahawks, Inkswel, John Morales, Maria Minerva, Protect-U, and Magic Touch. Fellow resident Ruf Dug here gives us a “Top Ten” from the party`s six year run (the next one`s in August).

Emerson / Sending All My Love Out

No. 1 Wet Play guest Tom Noble finished up with this. He was fucking brilliant. He came with a bunch of CDs and 45s and spent all night going between 50p bangers (Give Me The Night almost got on this list) and mega rare priceless weapons.

Mike Perras / Keep Movin’

Both Ste Spandex & Kickin Pigeon can claim this one. Repeat banger. Hacienda classic allegedly (it says so on Discogs).

Donna Allen / Serious

Randy Marsh classic. I have a copy but I’m only allowed to play it outside Manchester. If Randall plays this there is a 47% chance he will follow it up with Bobby Brown`s “On Our Own”.

52nd Street / Tell Me 

Cottam / EP2 B side 

A couple of highlights from Swayward’s slow jam section, from back when you would get heckled for dropping below 120 bpm. All about the golf buggy swagger. You can’t rush the Pressure from Cheshire.

Harry Thumann / Underwater 

Ste Spandex signature tune. Always brings back memories of the entire room throbbing.

Ruf Dug / Sun After Rain 

I made this edit almost 10 years ago but it wasn’t till Wet Play that it finally found its home.

Metrodome / My Way 

I have to list one of the tracks from the Wet Play releases… I think Wet Play was the first club Metrodome was legally old enough to play in even though he’s been in the game for like 12 years now.

Depeche Mode / Enjoy The Silence 

Beautiful Swimmers the 2nd time around, this destroyed everything. All the elite digging in the world can’t beat the Mode on two Super Marios.

Mark Leckey / Soundtrack For Greenscreenrefrigerator 

One of the standouts from a vintage Kicking Pigeon opening ceremony. The talking fridge’s vocals would typically be layered over some Sun Araw or Ron Trent at the wrong speed . Nobody can do the warm up as good as KP, one of the world’s very best DJs and genuinely one of Manchester’s best kept secrets.