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Test Pressing

Sunrise / Sunset / Phil Mison

Phil Mison. One of the true keepers of the Balearic flame. One of the few who stuck to his White Isle guns, as others swayed and chased the vagaries of genres, and sub-genres, and sub-sub-genres as Acid House simultaneously exploded and imploded. According to legend Phil has kept every record he`s ever bought (Sherlock would deduce not too many big moves or divorce proceedings along the way).

We did a really nice full interview with Phil a while ago, where we talked to him about Tag records, meeting Jose Padilla, residencies at London`s Milk Bar and Ibiza`s Café Del Mar, but it turned out so nicely that he asked us if we could hold onto it for another project. So for now you`ll have to be content with Phil`s “Three For Sunrise / Sunset” selection.

Raw / Ending

Wilton Felder / Someday We’ll All Be Free

Cocteau twins / Pandora