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Tempelhof / Inspirations / Influences

With a great collaboration with the mighty Gigi Masin released on Hell Yeah! and a equally great 12 poised for release on Aficionado, we asked Italian duo Tempelhof to list some of the music that has, or is, influencing them.

Area / Return from Workuta

What a beautiful country had to be Italy in 1978… The Italian way to be Progressive.

Rei Harakami / Remain

Really miss this amazing artist, inspiring like few others.

Funky Family / Funky Is On

That’s the way we dance! Italo funk from the ’80s.

Tortoise / Ten-Day Interval

A classic from the Post-Rock era. Outsiders and magnificent.

Hatchback / Orinoco Waltz

One of the latest big discoveries. Epic record!

Gigi Masin / The Word Love

How much we love this man… Gigi Masin at his best.

Mina / It’s Your Move

She’s Mina, an icon across the genres.

Alessandro Alessandroni / Transizione

Cinematic Krautrock from Alessandro Alessandroni, aka “The Morricone Whistle”.

Neil Young / On The Beach

Driving toward the next city, always on the radio. Probably one of the best record covers ever.

The Alan Parsons Project / Nucleus

Landscapes from a synthesis pioneer.