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The 2015 End Of Year Review

As 2015 draws to a close we asked friends and our favourite labels and artists for their selections from the year`s releases. Me & Apiento scribbled down three questions without much discussion, and the gang either played by the rules or made up their own. The overwhelming feeling that I got as I compiled all the Youtube clips was that of celebration. The A & I would like to say a big thank you to all those who supplied answers and to everyone who put such great music out there.


Top Album

Floating Points / Elaenia

This one came through late in the year but a lovely beautiful journey of an album that makes electronics feel warm and at home. A special thing.

Top 5 Singles

Jose Padilla / Day One (Dub)

I was super happy to work on this one so am a bit biased but Telephones nailed it.

Four Tet / Evening: Morning

Got played to death in our office. Four Tet taking three samples and turning them inside out.

Len Leise / Stars for Jorge

Was a close run between this and the album on International Feel but I worked on the album so feel this is less biased. It got played by everyone. Lots.

DJ Sotofett / Drippin’ For A Tripp

Killer. Love the murky bass sound. Proper House music.

Domenique Dumont / Comme Ca

Record That Was Slept On

Dude Energy / Renee Running

A clubby one. Loved the edits on this…it should have been massive across the board.

Kenneth Bager (Music For Dreams / Coma Club)

Top 5 Club Records Of The Year

Ruffys midnight Sativa Dance

Bufiman / Basedrum Party

Velvet Season & The Hearts Of Gold / El Dorado

Voilaaa / Spies Are Watching Me

Grooveman Spot / Fork Power

Top 5 Chill Records Of The Year

Jacob Gurevitsch / Mexican Margarita

Farbror Resande Mac / Aficionado E.P.

Dalholt & Langkilde / Charite

Young Guns Silver Fox / You Can Feel it

Schulz,Hammer & Bager feat. Rodrigo Sha / Some Di Some Day

Favourite Album

Ruf Dug / Island

Favorite Compilation

Music for Dreams / The Sunset Sessions Vol #3

Favorite Reissue

1st Cantoma Album

Record That Was Slept On

Bufiman / Basedrum Party

Mark Barrott (International Feel)

Top 5 Records Of The Year

DJ Koze / XTC

Gonno / A Life in Clarinet

Vangellis Katsoulis / Enigma (Young Marco Remix)

Leon Vynehall / Midnight on Rainbow Road

Lio / Sage Comme Une Image

Favourite Album

Len Leise / Lingua Franca

Record That Was Slept On

Alexander McCall Smith / The Woman who walked in Sunshine (Audio Book)

Jason Boardman (Aficionado)

Top Records Of The Year

All the Nados / Len Leise, Nev Cottee, 1001, Farbor Resende Mac, Leonardo Ceccanti, Plastic Fantastic, Stratus, Gryningen, San Laurentino

Cherry Garcia / Sol Floresta

Jacob Gurevitsch / Mexican margarita & Mapa de Soledad

Len Leise / Edits 001

Giorigio Tuma & Laetitia Sadler / Through Your hands love can shine

Sound Voyage / Golden Garuda & Super Molam

Favourite Albums

Horsebeach / II

Bambi Davidson / Brunswick

Record That Was Slept On

Colleen / Captain of None

Bill Brewster (DJHistory / Lowlife)

Fave Tunes

Steve Cobby & Trudie Dawn Smith / We Start Over (LX & Apiento Mix)

Tirzah / Make It Up

Fatima Yamaha / What’s A Girl To Do

Funkadelic / Funkin Kinda Hard On You (Louie Vega Mix)

Dan Lissvik / Airwalk


John Hopkins / Late Night Tales

Slept On

There are a few. The most fun slept on track was Voilaaa “Spies Are Watching Me”. Micachu & The Shapes’ “Oh Baby” was pretty spectacular in a Post-Punk, groovy sort of way, Jill Scott’s “Closure” was my fave bit of R&B, and then there was the Lindstrøm mix of Charli XVX’s “You (Ha Ha Ha)” that the record company wouldn’t release and I put on the last “After Dark 3”. I thought it was amazing (and still do), but didn’t really get any attention at all when we put it out.

Dubby (Onda / Organic Records)

Top 5 Records Of The Year

Rex Illusivii / In The Moon Cage

Great reissue from Mitar’s 90’s works.

Savant / Artificial Dance

Wonderful compilation of American underground music.

Gigi Masin / Wind


Cantoma / Cantoma

I was selling a lot of copies of this album on CD over 10 years ago, so I`m very happy that it managed to make it to vinyl.

Paki & Visnadi / Imaginary Choreography

Amazing found cassette from 1984.

Favourite Album

Motohiko Hamase / Intaglio (1986)

Second solo album by the jazz bassist, one of my favorite pieces of New Age / Minimal contemporary Japanese.

Record That Was Slept On

Judith Ravitz / Bolerio (1983)

An LP of Jorge Ben covers by an Israeli singer. My new favorite. I played this album a lot in 2015.

Piers Harrison (Soft Rocks)

Top 5 Records Of The Year

Florist / Marine Drive

Goat / It’s Time for Fun

DJ Fett Burger / Pogo

Dude Energy / Dude Energy

Tom Blip / Wrong Guanco

Favourite Album

LNRDCROY / Much Less Normal

Record That Was Slept On

Going to go for Pogo again as it seems to be one of the only Fett Burger / Sotofett related records that you can actually still buy at a reasonable price some time after it’s release!

Invisible City Editions

Top 5 Records

Tie for all Music Of Memory releases (Vito Ricci, Joel Graham, Napoleon Cherry & Michael Turtle)

Paki & Visnadi / Imaginary Choreography

Ajukaja & Andrevski / Looking For Something That’s Not There


Marco M. Sterk / Floating In A Cone

Favourite Album

Visible Cloaks – S/T

Record That Was Slept On

The Bermuda Triangle (1992-2015)

Trevor Jackson

Top 5 Records Of The Year

Toulouse Low Trax / Reserves To Talk

STL – Heavens Vape

ST. Julien – Institute

Kamasi Washington / The Epic

Beat Detectives / Climate Change

Niagara / Mustor

Favourite Album

Tame Impala / Currents

Record That Was Slept On

Zeus B Held Featuring Luke Rhinehart / The Glass Bead Dice Man

Alex Knight (Fat Cat Records)

Top 5 Records Of The Year

Girl Band / Holding Hands With Jamie

Sievehead / Into the Blue

The Pagan Rites / Every Mauser and Browning

Protomartyr / The Agent Intellect

Shopping / Why Choose

Favourite Album

Father John Misty / I love you, Honey Bear

It’s that one album this year that hits home on a number of levels, songs about love, heartbreak, humour, the everyday. It the one album my kids ask to hear, it suits a lethargic Sunday afternoon, a vibrant Friday evening and a murky Monday morning, which in my world is high praise indeed.

Record That Was Slept On

The Pagan Rites / Every Mauser and Browning

Something is stirring in Dresden, Rat Life Records, an offshoot label from the Uncanny Valley crew, has been quietly releasing a series of E.P.s, wide in sonic scope but always on the button, this E.P. epitomises their anything goes attitude and has been a constant on my turntable all year.

Michael Kucyk (Noise In My Head)

Top 5 Records Of The Year

Baba Stiltz / Die Hard + 2

Jack J / Thirstin’

Lipelis / Lipelis Edits

Luis CL / Luis CL

Powder / Spray

Favourite Album

Aleksi Perälä / The Colundi Sequence Level 13

Record That Was Slept On

Rings Around Saturn/ Rings Around Saturn

Stuart Leath (Emotional Rescue / Emotional Response)

New 12”s

Tom Blip / Wrong Guanco

The Maghreban / Now Easy

New LPs

Tomaga / Familiar Obstacles

HOLOVR / Line of Flight


Laraaji / All In One Peace

Savant / Artifical Dance

Best Compilations

Cease & Desist / Optimo

Trevor Jackson Presents: Science Fiction Dancehall Classics / ON-U Sound


Jaakko Eino Kalevi / Self Titled LP

Len Leise

Top 5 records of the year

Konrad Wehrmeister / Nutty Dubs

Powder / Highly

Lipless/ Lipless Edits

Suzanne Kraft / Talk From Home

Public Possession / PP-UTI-05

Favourite Album

Flat Static / Flat Static

Records that were slept on

Golden Ivy / To Elvira From Ivy With Love

Lexx (Phantom Island)

Top 5 Records Of The Year

The Internet / Ego Death

Don’t Ask / Clocking Off

Owiny Sigoma Band / Nyanza

Floating Points / Elaenia

Ess O Ess / Cantillate (Suzanne Kraft Remix)

Favourite Album

Kendrick Lamar / To Pimp A Butterfly

Leo Mas

Top 12"s

Soundspecies / Balafon Jam (Wolf Muller Deep Dub)

Velvet Season & the Hearts of Gold / El Dorado

Jimi Bazzouka / So So Ye

Domenique Dumont / La Basse Et Les Shakers

Voilaaa / Spies Are Watching Me

Bullion / Chant

Bantu Clan vs Sarabi / Africa Ni Leo (Extended Mix)

Maalem Mahmoud Guinia & Floating Points / Mimoun Marhaba

Kamasi Washington / Re Run Home

Africa Turkey / African Rapness

Harvey Sutherland / Bermuda

Top 7" & 10"

Vincenzo Ricardo / Eletrotranse Do Alto Rio Negro (Japurutu Extended)

Goat / It’s Time For Fun

Sound Voyage / Super Molam

Tiit Paulus / Selle Suve Laul

Zentash Gigawatt / Lost In The Jungle

Duvali / Escape (Dub Mix by Hav / Soul Fire)

Best Album 2015

Opez / Dead Dance

Best Album of 2015 That I love But Maybe No One Else Seems To Play

Los Gaiteros De San Jacinto / Dub De Gaita Volumes II & III

Phil Mison (Cantoma)

Top 5 Singles

Half Silk / Delicious Crime

Daholt & Langkilde / Charite

Len Leise / Stars For Jorge / Lingua Franca

Young Gun Silver Fox / You Can Feel It

Sombrero Galaxy / Edge Of Space


Ruf Dug / Island

Overlooked Track

Legalize Lambada / Pedra Fala

Moonboots (Aficionado)

Top 5 Records Of The Year

Jacob Gurevitsch / Mexican Margarita

Giorgio Tuma / Through Your Hands Love Can Shine

The Breeze presents / Cocktails by the Pool

Len Leise / Stars for Jorge

Velly Joonas / Stopp, Seisku Aeg!

Favourite Album

Len Leise / Lingua Franca

Record That Was Slept On

Paul Bennett / Although Sometimes Appear

Paul Murphy (Claremont 56)


Jack Cutter / Serpent Strut

Auntie Flo & Esa / Highlife Series: Uganda

Morris / Can We Melt The Ice

Jacob Gurevitsch / Mexican Margarita

Simon Peter / Arc Of Lark


Bambi Davidson / Brunswick

Jonny Nash (Melody As Truth)

Top 5 Records

Gianluca Petrella / 103 EP

Regelbau / Regelbau 01

Axel Boman / 1979

Healing Force Project / Gravitational Lensing E.P.

Suzanne Kraft / Talk From Home

Favourite Album

Lifted / 1

Record That Was Slept On

Panoram / Background Story

Nancy Noise

Musica for 2015...

Voilaaa / Spies are watching me

Riccio & Mike Burns / Legalize Lambada Vol. 1

Velvet Season & the Hearts of Gold / El Dorado

Elaborate Hoax / Hap-Hazard

Leo Mas presents Mediterraneo / Rare Balearica Vol. 1

Dude Energy / Renee Running

Harvey Sutherland / New Paradise

The Loose Control Band / Yeah! (Just A Beat)

Unouzbeck & Venturi / Houmous Pour Tous

The Mr K Edits / Bra & Niagra

Album that I fell in love with ...

Fabiano do Nascimento / Danca dos Tempos

I`m not sure who else has but I have loved this...

Sir Richard Bishop / Tangier Sessions

Jan Schulte (Wolf Muller / Bufiman)

Top 5 Records Of The Year

Cowboy Rhythmbox / Fantasma E.P.

Barthel Böhm Bauer / Timeless Horizons

Various / Mogul 3

Johnny Nash / Phantom Actors

Tolouse Low Trax / A Song And A Photo Novella

Favourite Album

Savant / Artificial Dance

Record That Was Slept On

Sandman / No Prisoners (Harmonious Thelonious Remix)

Mark Seven (Parkway)

Top 5 Records

I appreciate being asked but I’m really not the best source for “best of the year” lists. I spend so (too) much time with old tunes! Was it just my laziness or was this year a little lacking on previous!? SO many old tunes re-issued. Anyhow just from picking stuff from my bag I’d go for these although they might be a bit obvious, sorry!

Kai Alce / Take a Chance (Larry Heard Dub Remix)

House of Doors / Burmstar (Flute Mix)

Alden Tyrell Ft John Marks / All We Need

Head Front Panel #009 / A1

DJ Bone / Tipping Point


Again not much research undertaken! BUT both Kamasi Washington and Hunee`s “Hunch Music” took my breath away.

Slept on?

Maybe I’ll cheat here and say the unreleased demo version of Brian Ring’s “Step Out of Your Comfort Zone”. Somehow they killed this monster in the final mix but the cdr version had the sample right in your face and I was asked about it every time I played it.

Bonus question! Re-visited classic of the year

This is more my speed!

Klaus Nomi/ ICUROK

Condo / Love Allowance

Chee Shimizu (Organic Records)

Top 5 Records Of The Year

Phillip Schulze / Ambassador Duos

33.10.3402 / Bura E.P.

Rex Iluvisii / In The Moon Cage

Marco M. Sterk / Floating Inside a Cone

James Mason / The Dance of Life

Favorite Album

Tiziano Popoli e Marco Dalpane / Scorie (1985)

Record That Was Slept On

Masae Ohno / Masae a la Mode (1983)

Tim Sweeney (Beats In Space)

Top 5 Records Of The Year

King So So / Disco In The Sky

Lord Of The Isles / XIT

Omar S / I Wanna Know

Ess O Ess / Cantillate (Suzanne Kraft Remix)

Jose Padilla / Day One (Telephones Club Dub)

Favourite Album

Levon Vincent / S/T

Record That Was Slept On

Palmbomen II / S/T


Top 5 Records Of The Year

Fit Siegel / Carmine

OD / MB / Shplittin’ The Shtones

Yoshinori Hayashi / The End Of The Edge

SW – Reminder Part 3

Jack J / Thirstin`

"Album" Of The Year

DJ Sotofett / Drippin’ For A Tripp

Record That Was Slept On

Øyvind Morken / Jungelerotikk

Quentin Vandewalle (Antinote)

Top 5 Records Of The Year

Green Door All-Stars / Youth Stand Up!

Fantastic Man / El Tropo E.P.

Vangelis Katsoulis / The Sleeping Beauty Remixed

Palms Trax / In Gold

Stump Valley / Magica Movida E.P.

Favourite Album

Not possible to pick up one or two… but OK let’s play the game

Suzanne Kraft / Talk From Home

Tapes / No Broken Heart On This Factory Floor

DJ Sotofett / Drippin’ For A Tripp (Tripp-A-Dubb-Mix)

Record That Was Slept On

Alphonse / Same For Me

S.O.N.S / Shibuya One Night Stand E.P.

Matt Werth (RVNG Intl.)

Top Five Albums of 2015 (In Alphabetical Order)

Elysia Crampton / American Drift

Delia Gonzales / In Remembrance

Paki & Visnadi / Imaginary Choreography

Pekka Airaksinen / Buddhas Of Golden Light

Andrew Pekler / The Prepaid Piano & Replayed

Favourite Album

Jlin / Dark Energy

Record That Was Slept On

Zomes / Near Unison

Kenny Wisdom (Keyboard Masher / Pleasure Unit)

Top 5 Singles

Aquarian Foundation / Mind Miniatures

Actually got this last December but I dont think it came out til this year so I hope it counts..

Dont DJ /Tropical Hi-Fi

Like a tropical KLF. Another nice listening record

Slow Riffs / Gong Bath

More ambient vibes.

Patrick Cowley / Kickin` In

One for the dancefloor.

Stealing Sheep / Apparition


Too many to mention, but I will go for..

New Order / Music Complete

Slept On

DJ Sotofett / Drippin For A Tripp

Could also be my album of the year..

Cedric Woo (Beauty & The Beat)

Top 5 records

Soundspecies / Balafon Jam (Wolf Muller Deep Dub Remix)

Maalem Mahmoud Ghania* & James Holden / Bania

Jose Padilla / Lollipop (Dream2Science remix)

Mark Barrott / Bush Society

Jonny Nash / Phantom Actors

Top 3 LPs

DJ Sotofett / Drippin’ For A Tripp

Jaakko Eino Kalevi / Jaakko Eino Kalevi

St Germain / St Germain

Top 3 reissues

Gigi Masin / Wind

Tribo Massáhi / Estrelando Embaixador

Michal Turtle / Astral Decoy

Record that was slept on

Beard In Dust / Karnaval

Yozo (EAD Records)

Top 5 Records Of The Year

Processor / S/t

Bambi Davidson / Brunswick

Jon Brooks / Walberswick

Sui Zhen / Secretly Susan

Miro / Safari Of Love

Favourite Album

Dieter Moebius / Nidemonex

Record That Was Slept On

Flesh Tone Aura / Solilooquyor Lieven

Pulling in the replies I was struck initially by how disparate the answers were, if you compare, for example, Moonboots with Lexx, considering that we all probably started in a similar musical space and probably all got to know each other out of a fascination / obsession with all things “Balearic”. I think this proves that the “B word” is alive and well and still cherry-picking its soundtrack from across the globe and all genres of modern music. That said there was of course some overlap, but from the twenty-nine folks poled, just a handful of records picked up more than three votes; Len Leise, Voilaaa, Paki & Visnadi, Jacob Guresvitch, with DJ Sotofett peaking at five (hence the cover image).

You might have noticed that I haven’t had my say yet. Since I collated and formatted everything I`ve assumed that going last is my prerogative (though I`d guess Bobby Brown always wants to go first). I did draw up a personal list of seventeen new records (plus fourteen reissues and comps) and watching the results come in has been like a mix of The Eurovision Song Contest and Battleships as the majority of my selections were hit and sunk, but as no one else has done so I think these also need a mention:

Pat Thomas & Kwashibu Area Band

Whenever feeling under it I stick this on. Sublime, timeless Highlife from one of its masters.

Tropic Of Cancer / Stop Suffering

I will confess to buying everything Camella Lobo does. While they are all ostensibly the same, each release seems to surpass the last.

Vakula / Voyage To Arcturus

We were blown away by this when it arrived. Wonderful production with the intricacy of `80s Jazz Fusion. No presets.

Steve Hauschildt / Where All Is Fled

Gradually moving from Ambient to Techno, pulling in all reference points from Stars Of The Lid to Planet E. Really great pressing as well.

Gil Scott-Heron / Nothing New

Sadly a final document. You might be able to hear the air whistling and sucking through Gil`s broken teeth, but its sound is not as loud as that of his love and humanity.