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The End Of Year Review 2016 / Part 2


Top Three Tracks To Dance To

Lars Bartkuhn / Tokyo Burning

Though not sure if it was 2015? Anyway, it was my favourite dance record. It sounded like Underground Resistance meets Pat Metheny and was a very smart intelligently done piece of music. That got played lots. 

A Guy Called Gerald / I Won’t Give In

I know it’s old but props to Crinan from Parlour for introducing me to this one in Gothenburg. What a record. House doing what House should do. 

Bolis Pupul / Moon Theme

I am biased here as I work on the label this came out on but hearing Jan Schulte play this on a boat somewhere in a Danish sea surrounded by loads of mad Danes in fancy dress was a good moment. Again a very smart piece of dance music. Cosmic for now. 

Top Three Tracks To Chill To

Anuradha Paudwal & Kavita Paudwal / Gayatari Mantra

Just a beautiful thing. 

Seal / Violet

I know its old but this month I think I played it about 5 times a day. As my mate said “it’s Trevor Horn at its silkiest”.

Frank Ocean / Solo

Effortless vocal, amazing song, a Todd Rundgren sample and that bit where he switches up the vocal could get repeated all day long for me.

Oh and I’m saying Mison’s Cantoma album too. That got played loads in the car this summer. Top record for start to finish. I’m allowed to break the rules I think.

Top LP

CFCF / On Vacation

Again something we did but melodically the great Mike just smashed it. A beauty from start to finish and maybe the finest thing myself and Mark put out this year. 

Top Three Reissues / Compilations

Danny smashed it on the Psychemagik compilation, “Digital Zandoli” was superb but have to say the Paris connection Julien Dechery and DJ Sundae just nailed it with Sky Girl. What a compilation. Magic. 

Kenneth Bager (Music For Dreams)

Club Tracks

Henri Texier / Le La Bas (Bonobo Remix) 

Peter Power / Sun Sun Damba
Agua Re / Holy Dance (Large Sound Mix) 

Pochill / Fransesca Road (DJ Pippi & Kenneth Bager Mixes)

Bill Loko / Nen Lambo 

The New Age Orchestra / Let’s Dream Together 

Pablito / Dou Dou Meme (Diesel Edit) 

Christine & The Queens / Tilted 

Chill Out

Troels Hammer / Mockingbird

My most played chill out track in 2016

Ambala / Ambala

Anything on Aficionado

CFCF / On Vacation
The Swan and The lake / Moments

Bendith / Bendith 

DJ Pippi / Bocadillos Variados


Blue Gas / Shadows From Nowhere  

Suso Saiz / Odisea

Balearic Blah Blah 

Ritual Chants Compilation

Merge / Kashan

The System / Logic 

Lata Ramasar / The Greatest Name That Lives 

Basso (The Growing Bin)

Top Three Tunes To Dance To

House Of Dad / Hard Working Man

Cody Curry / Apollo 11

Skymark / Illusion

Top Three Tunes To Chill To

Gigi Masin / Il Silenzio Dei Tuoi Passi

Phil Stroud / Flow

House Of Dad / Stereo Dunnies

Listened on repeat for over an hour whilst driving home from Berlin in the morning right after a gig.

Top Three Reissues / Compilations

Deux Filles

Claude Rodap 

Cinema / Isolation

Midnite Spares

Top LP

House of Dad / House of Dad!!

Incredibly versatile, entertaining, humorous and always on point… I couldn’t ask for more!

Invisible City Editions

Top Tracks To Dance To

Leron Carson / LemonLime

Claude Rodap / Hiwa

Dazion / Be A Man

Volt Face / Vol Direk (Kejeblos Remix)

Top Tracks To Chill To

Visible Cloaks / Valve

Vito Ricci / The Lotus Leaf Floats On The Lake & Prayer..Nirvana..Prayer

Wolf Muller & Cass. / Miyazaki

Beverly Glenn Copeland / Slow Melody

System / Find It in Your Eyes

Top LP

Georgia / All Kind Music

Vito Ricci / Symphony For Amiga

Top Three Reissues / Compilations

Better Days / Avant Wave

Roberto Musci / Tower Of Silence

Claude Rodap / Belectronic

Trevor Jackson (Yes Wave)

Top Three Tracks To Dance To

Phillip Matalla / Kiba 

Jamal Moss / I’m Gonna Gherk The Fuck Out Of You 2

Cowboy Rhythmbox / Mechanique Savage

Top Three Tracks To Chill To

Hippies Wearing Muzzles / Kakapo Strigops

Beesmunt Soundsystems / Afterglow

John Beltran / Mother 

Top LP

Mark Pritchard / Under The Sun

Top Three Reissues / Compilations

Pasteur Lappé / African Funk Experimentals 1979 – 1981

Michael Turtle / Phantoms Of Dreamland

Lifetones / For A Reason

Michael Kucyk (Noise In My Head / Efficient Space)

Top Three Tracks To Dance To

B12 / Play with Me

Bell Towers / I’m Coming Up

Mark Seven / The Fatal Flaw In Disco (U-4-Ria)

Top Three Tracks To Chill To

House of Dad / P.O.E.T.S. Day

Copeland & Gast / Sisters of Control

Carla Dal Forno / What You Gonna Do Now?

Top Three Reissues / Compilations

Plustwo / Melody

The System / The System EP

Tim Jackiw / Science of Sound Volume 1

Heidi Lawden (ESP Institute / Dublab)

Top Three Tracks To Dance To

DJ Oil / Rain

Papol / RDL

Etapp Kyle / Autem

Top Three to chill to

Micheal Mayer & Agoria / Blackbird Has Spoken

Lord Of The Isles  / In Waves (The entire album from start to finish)

Ghost Vision / Zuzal passage 

Top Album

King Push / Darkest Before The Dawn

Technically this came out in 2015 but not until the end of December so I only got to listen to it properly in 2016. When driving around LA, this and early Techno such as Rhythm is Rhythm`s “It Is What It Is” or Model 500, etc., make perfect sense.

Lovefingers (ESP Institute)

Top Three Tracks To Dance To

Nancy Azzurro / Teen Bee

Damien Lynch / Brunette

D.K. / We Ride

Top Three Tracks To Chill To

Jonny Nash / Cristina & Carolina

Lord Of The Isles / Expansions

Land Of Light / Flares (Kuniyuki Takahashi Remix)

Top LP

Lord Of The Isles / In Waves

Top Three Reissues / Compilations

Various / More Better Days

Roberto Musci / Tower Of Silence

Psychemagick / Ritual Chants

Phil Mison (Cantoma)

Top Three Tracks To Dance To

Jex Opolis / Look At My Car

Sonic Friends Of The Galaxy / Adam & Eva

Cantoma / Tabarin (Whatever / Whatever Remix)

Top Three Tracks To Chill To

Quinn Lamont Luke / Otono

Fuga Ronto / Daydreams

Golden Retriever / Capablanca

Top Three LPs

CFCF / On Vacation

Wilson Tanner / 69

Smith and Mudd / Gorthleck

Nancy Noise (Original Amnesiac)

Three To Dance To

Bawrut / Ciquita (Ci ti ci ti ci ti ci ciquitaaaaa)

Black Spuma / Onda

Yoruba Singers / Black Pepper (I`ve been loving playing this and International Soleil Band`s “Ta lassa” out this year).

Tunes To Chill To

L.U.C.A / Il Valzer Del Risveglio (The album`s simply beautiful .. This is a wonderful track).

Xique-Xique / Xaxoeira E.P. (I love the warm sounds on this).

Krakatau / Tharsis Montes & Apogean Tide  (Both tracks are mega).

Top Compilations & Reissues 

Venezuela 70 / Cosmic Visions Of A Latin American Earth (Nice to enter into the world of this time …. I`m in love with the track, “Irene”, by  Aldemaro Romero y Su Onda Nueva).

VA / Digital Zandoli  (Fantastic compilation).

Esterno Giorno: Open Air Jazz & Psych Beat Daytime Breaks Latin & Bossa From Untapped Italian Film Music Archives 1964-1976 (I enjoyed this a lot. My kind of shizzle).

Big ups to the so modest but incredible Phil Mison for two wonderful albums this year. I loved every track – I salute u – and I had a nice balearic moment with the release of the “Why, Why, Why” remixes. I`m really happy for Rolo and all involved. When Leo first sent me his & Fabrice’s mix it blew me away. It`s not easy to touch such a seminal track (Leo & Alfredo being the people that made it that). They did it proud. 

Jan Schulte (Wolf Muller)

Top Three Tracks To Dance To


Senate / Forza Rays

Bolis Pupul / Moon Theme

Top Three Tracks To Chill To

Bartosz Kruczyński / Baltic Beat

Tim Follin, Ecco the Dolphin / Passage from Genesis

Mark Barott / Cascades

Top Three Reissues / Compilations

The System / The System EP

And everything by Music From Memory


Pitch / What Am I Gonna Do For Fun

Justin Strauss (Whatever / Whatever)

Here's some I liked:

Midland / Final Credits

Autarkic / Rotation! Rotation! (Red Axes Mix)

Blood Orange / Freetown Sound

Paranoid London / We Come To Rock

Michele Mininni / Hyper Martino (Red Axes Mix)

Milk n Cookies / The Boxed Set

Jamie Tiller (Music From Memory)

Top Tracks To Dance To

Mark Seven / The Fatal Flaw In Disco

Prins Emanuel / Bike Chase

Jamal Moss / Arras

Kinetic Electronic / Roamin’

Top Tracks To Chill To

Suzanne Kraft / Body Heat

Haron / Marimbaman

Motion Graphics / Brass Mechanics

Top Three Reissues / Compilations

VA / Sky Girl

Alain Neffe / An Introduction Into The Insane World Of

Anna Homler / Bread Woman

Dr. Rob

To be honest, compiling this review, as friends` selections come in, it becomes pretty hard for me to cast an “original” vote. So instead I look for the ones that might have got away.

To Dance To

No one mentioned Chaos In The CBD`s “Global Erosion”, Ben Cenac`s remix of Kasra V`s “Myth”, or King Clyde`s “Request Line”, all of which have been staples of mine whenever I`ve spun downstairs at Bonobo.

To Chill To

All I can add to what`s gone before is Be`s “One” which I thought was close to perfect.


Tindersticks` “The Waiting Room” mixed Cafe Del Mar ambience with Serge Gainsbourg and New Order, and got a lot of plays from me (though quite not as many as Hope Sandoval & The Warm Intentions` “Until The Hunter”, CFCF`s “On Vacation”, or Gigi Masin`s “Venezia 2016”).


As far as compilations and represses go, you do need that “Digital Zandoli”. Part 2 in 2017, please. And the Philippe Chany courtesy of Dark Entries, and Sonya Spence`s “Let Love Flow On”, care of either Jeremy Underground`s collection “Beauty” or Attic Salt`s edition of the impossible to find LP. As usual Mr Bongo and Far Out licensed a ton of great Brazilian desirables, and Jazzman and Athens Of The North excavated the dusty Soul crates. Analog Africa, Sofrito and Soundway did the same for the treasures of the African continent. PMG did a whole lot of Afro and the Ahmed Fakrouns.

I`ll also put forward

Count Ossie`s “Grounation” on Dub Store (a thirty year wait for finally a decent pressing), Dennis Bovell`s “Heaven”, and Laraaji`s “Om Namah Shivaya”.