Well this is a lovely thing. Here's Andrew Weatherall being interviewed on tape in January 1990. Weatherall had by that point remixed the Happy Mondays alongside Paul Oakenfold and had also just completed his seminal remix of 'Loaded' for Primal Scream which had yet to come out. This interview really gives you a take on what made him who he was. His very Englishness and desire to just pool all of his influences into what he did with no compromise. Also below you can see images from Andy's Filofax whereby we can see he interviewed Dutch rapper Tony Scott the week before, attended the shoot at The Future for the Scream video and went to see Flowered Up at The Africa Centre. Sort of sums up those times perfectly. Also here's the press release for 'Loaded' from Creation. We've said enough so enjoy and massive thanks to Andy who did the interview who you can find on Twitter at @Birmingham_81.

Once again just want to extend thanks to Andy who conducted the interview who you can find on Twitter at @Birmingham_81.