Apiento On Nts

Words by Apiento
Apiento, NTS, Test Pressing, May 2015, Radio, Show, Dalston., Balearic, Beat, Eclectic

I don't really blah this up on the website but do put it on our Facebook group and on my Instagram but this is the first show I've done where it sort of felt like a lot of fun when on the mic and playing the music. And there is so much good music out there. We start of with a new Len Leise edit and go on from there across the board with the second half ramping it up. Hope you like. NTS is well worth tuning in during the day as there is always something good on.

Anyway listen in here if you want to view the tracklisting or below. x. x.

Test Pressing - 21st May 2015 by Nts Radio on Mixcloud

La Casa Al Mare
This Astro E.p.


Invisible Family E.p. #1
Invisible Inc.