We like Bawrut at Test Pressing. A genuinely good human making fun music that pulls in all of his influences. He's got a new album out this Friday called 'In The Middle' via the good people at Ransom Note and their label over there. You should check it wherever you feel (maybe his Bandcamp is a good start) as its forward thinking balearic acid house business...

Neffa - I messaggeri pt 2

My first live show ever was Sanguemisto, one of the most important group of the Italian rap golden age. Neffa was one of the 2 MCs and the best, IMHO, during those years. His solo project albums were the most similar thing to the East Coast rap we could have in Italy. He shaped me and a whole generation.

EPMD - You Gots to Chill

This album is rough and far from what the Green Eye Bandit did during his most prolific years as producer with Redman or Keith Murray but I still love it. Was one of my first encounter with rap and basically showed me how to sample and make a beat. And also introduced me to the Roger Troutman legacy.

Daft Punk - Teachers (Extended version)

On the other side this track shows how to sample and stay in the middle of house and rap. With similar sounds and attitudes. What a Hip Hop head like me needed at that time for moving to graffiti and jams to clubs and “discoteche”. And also showed me a couple of artists which will become important for me years after.

Lucio Battisti - Prendila Cosi’

True Italian hero. For me this song is simply perfect. That Larry Heard bassline years before Mr. Fingers, that lonely sax in the end, those first 30/40 seconds. The poignant atmosphere during the verses and then the light with the chorus is still sublime. The stop at 5:30 and the long end of “du-du-du-du”. 10/10

Brainticket – Places of Light

I discover this track in the Chicken Lips DJ-Kicks, still one of my favorite. To be honest the whole selection is a proper masterclass and CL are in my personal producer’s gotha. I’ve also a nice memory since this track and Brainticket as well linked me and my club heads friends with Enrico, great friend of me which at the moment were into prog rock.

Jimmy Ross - First True Love Affair

Great Italian track, Ninzatti and Pulga behind this and Kano as well, which represented how Italians records during the 80s used to play at Paradise Garage. It’s also a track we used to listen, sing and dance me and my partner Rocio when we first met in Italy 9 years ago.

Pet Shop Boys - It’s Alright

I love the album version. After what’s happened in August in Kabul the first verses are still contemporary and struggling even if the track is 30 years old.

Introspective is pure light and this track heals.

Barnt - Chappell

I couldn’t be Bawrut without Barnt. He helped me to understand how to re-make music. No boundaries, no laws, just freedom and craziness. Modern techno and house producers should listen to him and that bunch of people which don’t care a lot about charts, styles and IG’s photobook.

The Beach Boys - I Wasn’t Made For These Times

Brian Wilson is one of the name mentioned in Teachers. I saw him a couple of years ago in a festival where I played the day before and spent the whole show looking to this old man and his shadows in search of the sun. I sung all the time most of the time out of key and crying for the emotions these album still give me. The Sun.

Syclops - Jump Bugs

I couldn’t be Bawrut without Maurice Fulton. He delighted me for the first time with MU but this track anyway is contemporary to the first signals of Bawrut and as Barnt helped me to re-think how to make music. Helped me forgetting the central role a bassline has always had in my mind and focusing on free willing and instinct.

Bawrut's 'In The Middle' is out this Friday via Ransom Note Records and all good stockists. x.