Introduce your dog and yourself?

Serge, son of Gold Lord Xilo-Filou von der Edelrose and Charly von der Sonneninsel.

Rohan Bell-Towers aka Bell Towers, Australian music producer/DJ currently based in Berlin.

What make is your dog?

Miniature poodle.

What does their voice sound like?

A tidy little growl reminiscent of a two-stroke engine.

Who’s their favourite in the household?

He’s a friendly guy and doesn’t really take sides. Both Hayley (my girlfriend), myself and our guests have different things to offer - ie. strange smells, beards to tug on, treats or belly rubs.

If your dog was a person, who would they be?

Tilda Swinton.

Has your dog ever shown any interest in music whatsoever (whining during modal jazz albums, swallowing usb sticks, shredding record covers etc)?

He joins in when we dance in the flat and we’re often singing him popular songs exchanging the lyrics to “poodle”, he seems to enjoy that.

After you’ve been away on tour does your dog faint with excitement or give you the cold shoulder?

Yeah he fully pops off. Spins on the spot and tail-wags uncontrollably, then dissolves into a puddle at my feet ready for a belly rub.

If your dog could instigate three rules in your household what would they be?

Bed before 10pm, no sleeping in, finders keepers.

What’s their worst habit?

We kinda share a bad habit - I’m often leaving scrunched up tissues/napkins in jacket pockets and he has a knack for seeking them out and tearing them into tiny pieces.

Where do you take them for walks and have they any dog mates?

TBH he probably has more human mates, that said he’s still very social - Berlin is super good for dogs with lots of green throughout the city and a pretty relaxed policy to where they’re allowed to go, so basically he comes everywhere except supermarkets, Spätkaufs (off licenses) and some restaurants.

Regular spots for walks in our immediate vicinity include Engelbecken, Volkspark Hasenheide, Görlitzer Park, Landwehrkanalufer. In warmer months I love taking him to Grunewald for a run through the woods or Bötzsee for a swim.