I'm going to quote a lot of this directly from the Kickstarter but this is going to be of interest to many of you reading this - especially the audiophile peoples. This project comes via the Love Injection duo Barbie Bertisch and Paul Raffaele who are dedicated to chronicling the dance music underground and its culture, past and present. These are our people. This project is a publication of a compendium of audio newsletters called Dope From Hope by Paul Klipsch (he of the horns). Here's what they say about the project...

"We are ready to bring a piece of history to life. For the first time ever, the cult audio newsletters by Paul W. Klipsch, entitled the ‘Dope From Hope’ will be compiled, in high resolution, into a beautiful, hardcover, ~300 page art book, exclusively via this campaign.

Klipsch made speakers. His simple goal: to bring the vibrant sound of live music from the stage into the living room. Dating back to 1960 and in circulation for decades, these papers became a foundational, yet nowadays elusive resource for dealers and Klipsch’s customers to experiment with, enhance, learn about, and ultimately enjoy better sound at home… or on the dance floor. The book will contain a full collection of the newsletters, draft papers, sketches, captions and indices in a handsome cloth-bound, oversized, coffee table book.

We believe the Dope From Hope papers deserve a wider audience and Paul W. Klipsch’s honest, plain language and sharp wit will inspire the next generation of audio enthusiasts."

“I kept Dope From Hope in my drawer and read it many times. I made copies and gave them out.” David Mancuso

The Specifications

- Only available via Kickstarter from Tuesday January 31 through March 2, 2023 12:00 AM EST.
- 300 Full Color Pages
- W 10.375 X H 12.25 inches*
- Approximately 5 lbs (2.3 kg) weight
- Printed in Belgium
- Smyth sewn binding
- Cloth wrapped case, hardcover
- Foil stamped cover
- Limited edition including full Dope From Hope archive, plus a selection of never before seen pencil drafts and preparatory documents.
- Foreword and introductory essays by Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy and Jim Hunter.
- International shipping from Huntsville, Alabama

* The exact specs are subject to change slightly in the design and layout phase

Head to Kickstarter for loads more information and to support the project via THIS LINK.