Here's this month's selection of essential records from the Dubwise Vinyl shop.

Froid Dub – 'An Iceberg Crusing The Jamaican Coastline'

The prayers to the repress gods have been answered! The much in demand original Froid Dub LP gets a repress (on black vinyl this time rather than the coloured vinyl of the original press...). Since its initial release I think it's fair to say this one has become a bit of a landmark record, bringing together the worlds of new wave synth and dub in ways no one thought previously possible. The results speak for themselves - six brilliantly unique tracks that take dub to icy new depths it's never ventured to before.

Joe Ariwa ‎- 'King Moses Dub'

Absolute dubwise dynamite 7" out of south London's Ariwa studios from Mad Professor's son Joe. Some serious next generation and next level dub business going on here with two cuts of super tough steppers that sound great both at their expected 45 rpm and also at an unexpected 33rpm. Hats off to Gatto Fritto for making this discovery and including the 33rpm version of the flipside dub from this one on the excellent comp he put together for Love International and Test Pressing a few years back.

Twinkle Brothers - 'Old Cuts Dub Pack'

I discovered this one thanks to Martin 'Skyjuice' Blomqvist's excellent '100 Days Of Dub' book (which featured in my Dub Album Lists article). A collection of classic Twinkle Brothers rhythms expertly dubbed to perfection by Gussie P. There's loads of great stuff on this ranging from the epic opener of 'Rasta Pon Top Dub' to the lovely super deep and mellow 'Bite Me Dub.'

Twinkle Brothers - 'Faith Can Move Mountain' / 'Never Get Burned'

More Twinkle Brothers magic here with these two all time classic 7" gems containing two of the greatest roots anthems ever alongside some outstanding super heavy dubs.

Ivan Dubious ‎| 'Crystal' / 'Answer'

Another fantastic little 7" packed with dubwise genius from Italy's Ivan Dubious. Both sides are knock out examples of progressive forward thinking dub that successfully combine deep spacious atmospherics with the icy precision of some tough dancefloor focused beats.

Natural Vibes - 'Sweet Sensation'

One of my favourite excursions on the mighty 'Drum Song' rhythm dating back to the early 80's. Pure heavy roots reggae perfection topped off with a murderous dub from Tubby's on the flip. Cool and deadly.

The Monotrones - 'The Johnny EP'

Wonderfully weird six track EP from Germany's Monotrones that combines a pop sensibility with heavily dubwise digi reggae. Just check the title track 'Johnny' for an example of the genius at work here sounding like a parallel universe dubbed out version of the Fine Young Cannibals produced by King Jammy.

Ariwa 81 Sessions: In The Front Room

Outstanding 2005 compilation of early Ariwa productions dating back to 1981. Loads of fantastic classic and rare tracks on this including Aquizm's take on the immortal 'Kunte Kinte,' Ranking Ann's 'Love On A Mountain Top' and Delena's pleasingly punky 'Stylers.' It also includes Asha's 'Indian Dub Song' which is a real standout and as far as I'm aware an exclusive to this album taking the shape of what is effectively an alternative dub version of Ranking Ann's 'Moonlight Lover' replacing Ann's vocals with more of the Asha's singing. The result is proper one of a kind magic with the Hindi singing working as the unexpected yet perfect counterpart to the heavy dub rhythm track. More Ariwa genius at work.

Severed Heads ‎- 'Dead Eyes Opened'

One of the finest examples of post-punk proto techno in existence from Australia's Severed Heads that amazingly dates back to 1984 yet still sounds way ahead of its time. Timeless, mesmerising and darkly beautiful electronic music.

Y-Bayani, Baby Naa And The Band Of Enlightenment, Reason And Love - 'Nsie Nsie'

Really lovely album of sunny Ghanaian reggae from Y-Bayani, Baby Naa And The Band Of Enlightenment, Reason And Love on the always excellent Philophon label. Regular followers of Dubwise Vinyl will know I'm a big fan of their track 'Rehwe Mi Enyim' which features here (and was also in my Stay In And Chill selection) alongside other gems such as the beautifully deep and immersive 'Asembi Ara Amba' and the infectious groove of 'Get Away.'