Fuga Ronto
Invisible Escape
Phantom Island

Words by Dr Rob
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I`d say this is brilliant. Every second of it. On very possibly “Balearic” record of the year so far, five tracks expertly mix references like Zinc`s “Amazon” (1), Steely & Clevie (2), Moccasoul (3), Kim Carnes (4) / Carly Simon (5), into a smiling, tropical chug. Pitched-down R&B, sunshine skank, segues into Brazilian rhyme - Joyce with Nana (6) with Azimuth (7) doing “Dune Tune” (8). Chiquitas laugh and sing. Pianos, strings, drums and guitar: Everything plays like percussion. Chunky electronic bass-lines bump Sakamoto-timbred keys (9), carnival whistles, and cowbells pass for wind chimes. What sounds like Jane Fonda reflects on the nature of dreams over bongos, fretless bass and a flurry of synthesised flute, before you get hit with the break from Payola$` “Eyes Of A Stranger” (10).

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