Hotel Lauer
Lauer & Lauer
Emotional Especial

Words by Dr Rob
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The Brothers Lauer debut on Emotional Especial, giving their House a makeover, a fine adjustment to fit with the label`s “Dark Disco” aesthetic. The Lauer trademark New Order-isms are still there in the Fairlight`s chorus. The 303s and `89 pianos of Phillip`s recent work as Tuff City Kids (with Gerd Jansen) are also present, but the drums are regimented, stiffer, marching, Teutonic. More a New Beat re-imaginging of House, that of The Hard Hats, Honest Doc & Mr. Driver, Zsa Zsa Laboum, than Marshall Jefferson`s back catalogue. The big orchestral synth sounds of build-the-box Rave are pitched down. Spaceship SFX mix with Gregorian robots, Dominican droids. The closing “Klutzny” being the kind of Electro that Razormaid would have been at pains to slice and dice.



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