As mentioned on our Instagram yesterday today we are running five mixes from the Sunrise Sessions at the Love International festival in Croatia this year. It was maybe the best one yet for me. Just pure joy and so many lovely people coming and hanging out with us in the booth while things just happened around. It's hard to convey in words the feeling of playing music at 6:30 am by the sea as the people from the night before are floating around and having a lovely time in the trees. It just is pretty special. Today we are running five mixes – an excerpt from Powder and 5ive, Budino, Alex Kassian, Lovefingers and me (Apiento). You can see them in the mix section on the home page of Test Pressing. This is just a small selection of people that came and played as there were loads of other amazing sets from Vladimir Ivkovic, Piers Harrison, Paramida, Jonny Rock, Begin and Croatia's balearic crew Adriatic Social Club.

Tickets are on sale for next years festival and if you go come say hello. It's a good one. More info on tickets HERE. Sweet. Shout and out. x.