New Ifeel & Related Business - La Torre Vol.2 & Scott Gilmore

Words by Apiento
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Couple of new bits via Mark Barrott of International Feel here. First up a new signing to the label, Los Angeles-based Scott Gilmore, that I know Mark is super excited about. 'Subtle Vertigo' is the album title and its got a bit of a library feel in places and comes heavy on the melody too which is really nice. Both are things close to Barrott's heart so I can see why he loves it. Loads of great stuff on the record and its highly recommended. Here's the 'Europe' track taken from the record that gives you a flavour of what is inside. It's a really really interesting listen and one that I think will get better and better over time. Check it...

Hostel Le Torre, Compilation, Ibiza, Mark Barrott, Pete Gooding

Next up we see the return of the Hostel Le Torre compilation series (the image was either broken on the press release or its a super dope design - we can't figure out which) in 'La Torre Vol 2' compiled by Barrott and Pete Gooding. They walk a good line on these compilations. Half the tracks you know backwards and half are undiscovered gems. One of Mark's strengths is sequencing and he's done a fine job on this one. Here's the track listing.

  • Dip in the Pool - On Retinae (East)
  • Ishi Vu - Tema Perr Malva
  • Oumou Sangaré - Diya Gneba
  • Fuga Ronto -L`Uomo Invisibile
  • The Duritti Column - Otis
  • Lord of the Isles - Expansions
  • Marvin Franklin - Kona Winds (with Kimo and the Guys)
  • The True Underground Sound of Rome feat. Stefano Di Carlo - Secret Doctrine
  • (DON'T ASK) - Clocking Off
  • Tornado Wallace - Today Feat. Sui Zhen
  • Vangelis - Abraham's Theme
  • Pitto - Finding
  • Dario Domingues & Tupac Amaru - By The Round Lagoon
  • John Barry - Midnight Cowboy
  • Mark Barrott - What About Now ? (Storm Clouds over Cap Negret)
  • Blue Gas - Shadows From Nowhere
  • Eric Serra - Learning Time

The comp is out 30th June and if you are anywhere near Ibiza it seems quality music is always nearby if you head to La Torre. Scott Gilmore's debut album is out on the 16th June. Irie.

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