Pacific Beach Vinyl Tippin' #1

Words by Apiento

Pacific Beach Vinyl is a San Diego-based distribution company and shop specialising in new music and reissues that tickle their boots. We spoke to Hugh from PBV a while back about picking us a few releases a month that they feel are really ticking the boxes. They also recently did a lovely mix for us which you can check HERE. Back to their picks. Here's the first selection. Click the titles to go and listen to the releases.


Amor, Paradise, In Love An Arc, Night School, 12”, Pacific Beach Vinyl, Test Pressing

AMOR | Paradise / In Love An Arc (Night School) 12”

Old acquaintance Dewey Chan was down from LA for the weekend recently. Naturally, there is an exchange of knowledge and music with him. He mentioned this record, and of course the attraction is immediate from the art alone. It must be a good record judging the book by the cover, and it doesn’t disappoint. We’re not used to hearing new super human tunes like this anymore. More intriguing is that it’s a Scottish band driven by Philly Sounds, Larry Levan, et al.

QUINN LAMONT LUKE, Different Aspirations, El Triangulo, 12”

QUINN LAMONT LUKE | Different Aspirations (El Triangulo) 12”

I’ve known Quinn for some time now We used to meet up for a Sunday brunch in the East Village every few months or so just to catch each other up on what was going on. Our other common ground was the Loft dance floor, which in and of itself is a bond incomparable to anything else. In recent years, our paths have diverged but all is congruent now. We helped get this release done for him. The title sums it up. He’s a family man now bringing with it a new focus to his life. The record is startlingly good and shows just how focused he is even though he was focused before with his work.

LENA D’AGUA, Jardim Zoologico, Strangelove, 12”

LENA D’AGUA | Jardim Zoologico (Strangelove) 12”

The new label, Stangelove, run by Ben Stevens in New Zealand shows signs of promise and longevity with the initial release. This is an unearthed Portuguese record—though you’d think the B side is Japanese-- the label has brought forth to rival the output of Music From Memory and the like. Astonishing record!

SUNSHINE JONES, Fall In Love Not In Line, The Urgency Of Change, 12”

SUNSHINE JONES | Fall In Love Not In Line (The Urgency Of Change) 12”

If you know Dubtribe Sound System, there’s not much more that needs to be said about this one. We’re lucky enough to facilitate this release for Sunshine, who’s debuting his new label, The Urgency Of Change, at the same time. This record will get better with every play and it will never stop getting better. It’s one of those.

PRINCE OF QUEENS, The Scene Over, Ocean Parkway, 12”

PRINCE OF QUEENS | The Scene Over (Ocean Parkway) 12”

A rarely spoken of and highly impressive crew out of Brooklyn is behind this one. Names You Can Trust has quietly released some bad ass jams in recent years. Here’s their new sublabel keeping up the momentum and the standard high. The parent label is aptly named. Never a doubt.


You can check the new releases on sale via Pacific Beach Vinyl HERE and arrivals this week HERE. Many thanks to Hugh and co.

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