We are terribly sad to hear of the passing of Phil Asher - a tragedy for his family and friends, and a real loss for music. Phil was a genuine pioneer. Someone who put UK house music on a par with its American counterpoint and later became one of the main movers in London's broken beat scene. As a DJ and producer everything he did had real integrity, heart, and soul.

Here are some of our favourite moments from his discography.



Paul aka Apiento here. Just adding in some words alongside Piers lovely selection. I had the pleasure of working with Phil over the years at a few labels - notably Guerilla Records and Junior Boy's Own. Phil was a proper music head and one of those people you just saw around W10 all the time where both labels were based. He was always about a soulful sound and just quietly got on with playing and making proper house music and supporting the young people coming though. He's made too many good records, as you can see above, but most importantly was just a really good human. W10 was a good time back in the mid to late 90s and Phil was a very key part of that world. His friendship with Kenny Dope was properly nice to see as it was two people that really know how to flip and turn a sample inside out. The music really does speak for itself. God bless.