Eight years ago, American DJ, producer and vocalist Ivy Barkakati washed up in the sunny Mediterranean city of Barcelona, bringing some bins of house, disco, funk, soul and electro records as cargo. Over the last half decade so, Ivy's music has been released on Hospital Productions and Modern Obscure Music, and her vocals have featured on tracks by Cardopusher, Furious Frank, and Roza Terenzi. Outside of her own hypnotic future synthscapes, Ivy is one half of IVAN with the Venezuelan producer Phran, and Proceed, with the Basque producer Eneko Balzategi. Since 2016, she has presented the radio show Casa da Crega on the Barcelona branch of Dublab, dublab.es.

With Proceed having recently released their debut EP through Haus of Beats, and IVAN self-releasing their Delicious Fantasy EP via Bandcamp on June 4, I asked Ivy for five song recommendations. Thanks Ivy!

Elements of Life - You Came Into My Life (Louie Vega Roots NYC Mix)

Beautiful Roy Ayers cover. I love how Anané's vocals, along with Josh Milan's backing vocals, meld perfectly with the music, embodying pure sweetness. So lovely and romantic. I'm a huge Louie Vega fan, and the older I get, the more I appreciate his more recent work.

Diana Ross - Tenderness (M+M Mix)

Such a groovy jam, penned by the exquisite songwriting duo of Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers. This John Morales mix more than doubles the length of the original, a most welcome modification. I think the lyrics are very fitting for the collective mood as well.

Amira - My Desire (Blaze's Klubhead Vocal)

The work of another magical duo, Blaze. Love the lyrics and the insistent delivery, fanning the flames of desire.

Sandman & Riverside feat. Jeremy Ellis - Into Your Story (Kai Alcé DISTINCTIVE Remix)

An excellent Kai Alcé remix, with Stefan Ringer on keys. I look forward to playing this out when possible again, listening to this loud in a dark room. This track was made for the club.

Chaos in the CBD feat. Nathan Haines & Dave Koor - Emotional Intelligence

A soulful delight. Dave Koor on keys and Nathan Haines on sax make an outstanding pairing. I never get tired of this one. Uplifting, gorgeous.