How flipping brilliant is this? I just saw it on the sometimes good World of Echoes Facebook group which many of you will be familiar with. The reason I say "sometimes good" when describing the group is that it started off as an amazing forum for incredible stories from some amazing producers such as Bruce Forest and the like - people who joined the worlds of disco and house - then quickly became rule-based and a tad authoritarian which was quite interesting to see and there's probably a case study in there somewhere but anyway we digress... This video below is just flipping brilliant. Mad visuals from audio visual art group STAKKER (Brian Dougans of Future Sound Of London later took the name and made a massive hit while these guys made the video) with tracks by S-Express, Baby Ford, Marshall Jefferson, Royal House, Baby Ford, Dinosaur L., Pierre's Phantasy Club, Adonis & more. It's basically acid house digested into a mental dream state of visuals... As they described it at the time – "40 non stop minutes of brain bending technicolour graphics by Stakker provide a moving backdrop for the most exciting & innovative dance music around..." Bang on. Turn the volume up and press play.