Welcome to the Test Pressing 2021 round up. What we have here are some choice favourite tracks from friends and family that hopefully make you get out and listen to some things you might not have heard over the last year. Interestingly, and I guess its just a sign of the times, the same tracks rarely appear twice but I guess that just shows how much amazingly diverse and wonderful music there is out there.

I think we can all agree it's been another odd year but here's to an incoming 2022 and some light at the end of the tunnel. Love to all, massive thanks to all that contributed below as it's really appreciated, a big shout out to those in our forum (which has turned into a super nice warm place) and finally thanks to you all for reading, supporting and sharing what we do. There is a mix that accompanies the round up with a track from each contribution which you can check HERE. x.

1. Driving Force 'International Noise Orchestra (Asa Moto Edit)' (Listen To The Earthbeat)
2. Tadi Ft. DJKR 'Seven Diamond Lines' (Offen)
3. Decius 'Macbeth' (Decius)

Album – The Vernon spring 'A Plane Over Woods' (Lima Limo Records)
Revival Track – Ferenc 'Yes Sir,I Can Hardcore (Michael Mayer mix)' (Kompakt)

*Editors note - we couldn't find the Driving Force video so have added Tadi above.

1. Tyler the Creator 'Sweet / I Thought You Wanted to Dance' (Columbia)
2. John Glacier 'Icing' (VLF Records)
3. Cleo Sol 'Don’t Let it go To Your Head' (Forever Living)

Album – Mndsgn 'Rare Pleasure' (Stones Throw)
Revival Track – V/A - Perfect Motion (Shouts to Flo and Bruno)

1. DJ Stingray 'Bioplastics' (Micron Audio)
2. Humanoid 'ST8818r (A664 Mix By Autechre)' (De:tuned)
3. Keith Fullerton Whitman 'ASR-A from ASR' (KFW Editions)

Album – Jean Louis Huhta 'Wormhole of Time' (Organic Analogue)
Revival Track – Ubik ‎'System Overload EP' (Zoom Records)

1. Haruomi Hosono 'Sayonara America, Sayanora Nippon' (Speedstar Records)
2. Wayne Snow 'Seventy' (Roche Musique)
3. Dornik 'Make It Right' (Dornik Music Ltd)

Album – Floating Points, Pharaoh Sanders, LSO 'Promises' (Luaka Bop)
Revival Track – Human Race 'Human Race' (Gem Records)

1. Ben Fester 'Parachutes' (Paper Cuts)
2. Nullptr 'Lost Time' (Distorted Sensory Perception)
3. Willow 'Squirrel City' (Workshop)

Album – Laura Groves 'Private Road' (Bella Union)
Revival Track – The 7th Plain 'To Be Surreal' (General Productions)

1. Marti 'Easy' (Seed)
2. The Khan 'Code Red' (Crows)
3. Fauzia 'It's O.K' (Flashes In Time)

Album – Black Rave Culture 'Various Artists' (HAUS of ALTR)
Revival Track – Blue 'Everybody Needs Somebody' (X-Energy Records)

1. Deep Nalström 'Low Gravity Ride' (Nummer Music)
2. Khruangbin 'Time (You And I) (Felix Dickinson Remix)' (Dead Oceans)
3. Return To Forever 'Rumble (Fred P Journey Interpretation)' (Mother Tongue)

Album – Joaquin Joe Claussell 'Raw Tones' (Rekids)
Deep, raw and direct. A brilliant sonic journey from one of the masters. 2 discs of pure tension, release and expression. Essential stuff from Joe.

Revival Track – Future Beat Alliance 'Personnel Data' (FBA)
A proper soundsystem record. Sounds ultra heavy in the right context. Was in my bag for all the gigs I played in 2021. Amazing production.

1. Jonna feat. Javonntte 'Jus Move' (Lumberjacks in Hell)
2. Joaquin Joe Claussell 'Air We Breathe' (Revisited Cassette Demo) (Rekids)
3. Sofia Kourtesis 'La Perla' (Technicolour)

Album – Eris Drew 'Quivering in Time' (T4T LUV NRG)
Revival Track – Centric House 'Alright Alright' (Antima)

1. Yu Su 'Xiu' (Music for Memory)
2. Trent 'The Trip' (Bouquet Records)
3. Alex Kassian 'Leave your life (Dance Mix)' (Pinchy & Friends)

Album – CCCVVV 'Curriculum Vitae' (Strangelove Music)
Revival Track – Acid Horse 'No Name, No Slogan' (Wax Trax! Records)

1. Alphonse 'Fanatic' (Klasse Wrecks)
2. Mårble 'Jah' (Muscut)
3. Ramzi 'Coeur Dodu' (FATi Records)

Album – Le Marais 'Le Marais' (Besoins Premiers)
Revival Track – Apiento 'Things You Do For Love (for Mad Professor Remix)' (World Building)

1. Old School Rider 'Rock Love' (School Of Rock)
2. [email protected] 'Wake Up' (Time Passages)
3. Ponty Mython 'I Summoned Rick' (Futureboogie)

Album – Floating Points & Pharaoh Sanders 'Promises' (Luaka Bop)
Revival Track – Radioslave 'I Don't Need a Cure For This (Kenny Larkin Remix)' (Rekids)

*Editors note - we couldn't find a video for Old School Rider or [email protected] so posted the Ponty Mython track.

1. Cassandra Jenkins 'Hard Drive' (Ba Da Bing!)
2. Tomaga 'Intimate Immensity' (Hands In The Dark)
3. Woolfy 'Shooting Stars (Turbotito Remix)' (Ritual Release)

Album – Leslie Winer 'When I Hit You, You’ll Feel It' (Light In The Attic)
Revival Track – Wes Brooks 'Lay Down Your Arms' (Ata)

1. Plexus 'Enrica Falqui' (Marginal Returns)
2. Ghustown 'Olsvanger' (Toflstock)
3. Floating Around 'Absis' (Hivern Discs)

Album – Parallel Action 'Parallel Action' (Sound Of Life)
Revival Track – Wir Schicken Dich Ins All 'LDC' (Dance Pool)

* Editors note - we couldn't find the video for Plexus so posted a wicked track from the Parallel Action album.

1. Baiana System 'Água (Jimpster Remix)' (Razor-N-Tape)
2. Sangre Nueva 'Sola' (Club Romantico)
3. Nebraska - Espace Fuis (Friends & Relations)

Album – Carlos Niño & Friends 'More Energy Fields, Current' (International Anthem)
Revival Track – Kraig Kilby 'Satori' (Just Us)

1. Nice Girl 'The Coming' (Public Possession)
2. Quiet Force 'Listen To The Music' (Rogue Cat)
3. Manfredo Fest 'Who Needs It' (P-Vine Japan)

Album – Nala Sinephro 'Space 1.8' (Warp Records)
Revival Track – Miki Hirayama 'Tsukikage No Nagisa'

1. Damon Locks Black Monument Ensemble 'Keep Your Mind Free' (International Anthem)
2. Arp Frique 'Nyame Ye' (Rush Hour Music)
3. Paula Tape 'Multiverso' (Rhythm Section)

Such a tough choice but in no particular order these are the tracks that have given me energy, lifted me up and inspired me over the past year.

Album – Nubya Garcia 'Source/ We Move' (Concord)
Stellar remix album with stand outs reworks by Dengue Dengue Dengue, Nala Sinephro & Suricata.

Revival Track – Al-Dos Band 'Doing Our Thing With Pride' (Kalita Records)
Absolutely loving this gospel-soul record by South Carolina-based Al-Dos Band. Pure sunshine vibes from an unreleased album made in 1976 now available on Kalita Records.

1. Alex Albrecht W/ Adam Haliwell 'Adam's Charm' (Analogue Attic)
2. Arnau Obiols & KAYYAK 'Chang'an (Kalbrese Remix)' (Compost Records)
3. Hoshina Anniversary 'Karakuri' (ESP Institute)

Album – Mente Orgánica 'El Espacio' (Earthly Measures)
Revival Track – Tiziano Popoli 'Blues Padani' (Freedom To Spend)

1. Omar S Feat Supercoolwicked 'What's Good For The Goose' (FXHE Records)
2. Morris Mobley 'What's On Your Mind' (CQQL Records)
3. Time Cow, RTKAL, Gavsborg 'Elephant Man' (Equiknoxx Music)

Album – Madlib 'Sound Ancestors' (Madlib Invazion)
Revival Track – Don Blackman - Since You've Been Away So Long (GRP Records)

1. Dean Blunt 'DASH SNOW' (Rough Trade)
2. Karen Kyame KG 'Koko featuring Mista Silva' (Black Acre)
3. Cassandra Jenkins - Hard Drive (Self Release)

Album – Arooj Aftab 'Vulture Prince' (New Amsterdam)
Revival Track – Lorelei 'Le Ferai Tout' (Trema)

1. Alex Kassian 'Leave Your Life' (Pinchy & Friends)
2. Laurine 'Abun Dance' (Slow Life)
3. Denia 'Ibiza' (KMA)

Album – V.A. 'Planet Love Vol. 1' (Safe Trip)
Revival Track – Peyote Dreams 'State Of Mind (Slack Mix)' (Love On The Rocks)

1. Nu Genea 'Marechià' (NG Records)
2. Soshi Takeda 'Deep Breath' (100% Silk)
3. Carwyn Ellis & Rio 18 'Dwyn Dwr' (Banana & Louie Records)

Album – Hear & Now 'Milvus' (Claremont 56)
Revival Track - Trak This 'Intense' (Ace Beat)

1. Suzanne Kraft - On Our Hands (Melody as Truth)
2. Olof Dreijer - Echoes From Mamori (Melodies International)
3. Lawrence Le Doux & Roger 3000 - Creme (Lexi Disques)

Album – 5am 'Pre Zz' (Thinner Groove)
Revival Track – Judith Ann-Marie 'Out On A Limb' (Ra Records)

1. Tara Clerkin Trio 'In Spring' (World Of Echo)
2. Lawrence Le Doux 'Caramel' (Lexi Discques)
3. Chari Chari 'Pesta Malam' (Groovement Organic Series)

Album – Isasa 'Isasa' (La Castanya)
Revival Track – Chudd 'Son Of 60 Seconds (Phantasmagoria Mix)' (Swerve Records)

1. Boys Noize & Abra ‘Affection’ (Boys Noize)
2. Olof Dreijer - 'Echoes From Mamori’ (Rabid)
3. Sophie - ‘Bipp - Autechre mix’ (Numbers)

Album – Sir E.U + Tooth Choir ‘Bop 3’ (Future Times)
Revival Track – Florence Adooni ‘ Mam Pe’ele Su’ure’ (Philophon)