I went to a Dingwall's party the other week that had Patrick Forge playing. He was ace and I'm going back no doubt. Seeing Patrick Forge DJing is more than enough but at the Tudo Joia party you have Patrick alongside miche, who recently compiled the brilliant 'With Love' compilation, and finally Gareth and Gary from Mr Bongo who have been releasing amazing music for years now. I'm sure many of you own some of the incredible 7's they reissue. I know I have.

Anyway, with Brazil's famous carnival fast approaching Patrick, miche, Gareth and Gary are here to select their 10 favourite carnival party starters ahead of their forthcoming party.

The party is called TUDO JOIA, meaning everything is good, and is happening at Ninety One Living Room on Brick Lane on the 17th February. The upcoming party is all about joining the dots from samba to batucada, mpb to fórro to full on carnival vibes. You can get more info or a ticket by clicking THIS link. On with the program...

Os Originais Do Samba – Lá Vem Salgueiro - 1972
(Chosen by Gareth Stephens / Mr Bongo)
A real party starter from one of Rio’s finest samba bands Os Originais Do Samba. The band formed in the 1960s from members of various samba schools. This track is a version of Jorge Ben’s original from the same year that never fails to light the room.

Airto - Time For Carnival
(Chosen by Patrick Forge)

An easy paced but nonetheless intense batucada based jam with the pandeiro mixed up-front. With it’s English refrain “it’s time for carnival, so you gotta free your soul” it won’t get lost in translation.

Joao Do Pife - Garoto Do Pife
(Chosen by miche)

A super hot Forró madness from Alagoas’ own Joao Do Pife. Forro was a rhythm, a genre and a dance from the north eastern regions of Brazil with this track being our personal favourite of the style.

Copa 7 - Copa Sete No Samba
(Chosen by Gary Johnson / Mr Bongo)

Released in the late 1970s by Rio group Copa 7, a band formed to play live music between DJs at the carnival parties, the so-called "bandas de baile”. this track is quintessential sound of samba at the carnival. Big vocals with a full samba sound.

Sergio Mendes - Magalenha
(Chosen by Patrick Forge)

It really doesn’t need to be embellished with programmed beats to pack a punch. Well known through the many remix versions, the original has the true Afro-bloco rhythmic fire and swings harder.

Elza Soares & Roberto Ribeiro - O Que Vem de Baixo Não Me Atinge
(Chosen by miche)
Another late 60’s dancefloor destroyer, this time by the Queen herself, Elza Soares and actual twice winner of samba enredo at the Carnival, Roberto Ribiero. A short but sweet groove that leaves any discerning dancefloor with smiles for miles.

Bob Azzam – Batucada Por Favor
(Chosen by Gareth Stephens / Mr Bongo)

A pulsating ball of energy, 'Batucada Por Favour’ is probably our favourite Batucada and a Mr Bongo staple for decades. With pure brazilian energy, it was actually recorded in Sweden in 1967 by the Egyptian musician Bob Azzam.

Wilson Das Neves e seu Conjunto - Tema Pra Elizeth
(Chosen by Patrick Forge)

Another batucada based blaster from an original Brazilian rhythm master, this time with the rattle of the tamborim pushed to the fore. A grooving horn section and breakdowns a plenty make this another dance floor fave.

Os Devaneios - Embalo Diferente
(Chosen by Gary Johnson / Mr Bongo)

No nonsense is needed for this one, just a fantastic straight-up, no messing Samba Funk made for dancing. The group formed in Baixada Fluminense (Southern Rio) in 1968, by the brothers Jorge Prazeres, and Luiz Prazeres. Perfect grooves for a carnival party.

Rosa Maria - Deixa Nao Deixa
(Chosen by miche)

Super fun dancer written by legendary songwriters from Salvador Tom E Dito. The track has a distinct afro-latin feel to it thanks to the guitar, horn and percussion. Add in the catchy lead vocal, strong harmonies, funk/bossa drum grooves, shuffling percussion and the continuous build to the end, and you have one of the greatest Brazilian funk records ever pressed.

Thanks to the chaps for the brilliant playlist. You can listen to the whole thing HERE. TUDO JOIA is on the 17th February at Ninety One Living Room. Hit THIS link for tickets.