It's always exciting to get records in the mail (HINT), and it's even more exciting when those records come from two of Washington DC's finest imprints, PPU and World Building. Respectively run by Andrew Morgan and Ari Goldman (of the Beautiful Swimmers), these two fellows know what's up when it comes to the deepest, dopest jams, new and old.

Despite having released a pretty staggering amount of music over the years, Oakland's Space Ghost seems to be hitting something of a purple patch right now. I heard this track in the car one sunny morning on London's Rinse FM and immediately assumed I was listening to some long-forgotten 80s slow jam. It sounded glorious as that crisp morning air started to warm and the sun did its thing over East London's skyline.

Here, Space Ghost's pitch-perfect analogue production finds the perfect foil in the silky smooth tones of Teddy Bryant. Again, Mr. Bryant has had some years in the game but is undoubtedly now ready for significantly wider recognition. All this virtuoso shit would be for naught if the song itself were unremarkable, but this is very much not the case. 'Heaven Sent' is a real thing of beauty; as catchy, emotive and mellow as soul music comes. This deserves to crossover to a broader audience beyond the heads, nerds and freaks.

'Heaven Sent' is out now on PPU

Cee-O-Phunk, too is a new outfit, this time coming out of France with that straight NASTY boogie/funk vibe. Previous releases on La Maison Venturi have touched on hip-hop, g-funk and house, but 'Look into Yourself' is more of a live band project. We're talking full-on drum machine crunch, low-slung slung synth bass, stoned lead lines and sassy vocals delivered in French and English by Maeva Rojas (plus vocoder, natch) Wild stuff that finds a perfect home on PPU.

'Look into Yourself' is out now on PPU

There's precious little information on James Bangura's 'Shadow Boxing' on World Building at the moment. You can hear Apiento give one of the tracks a sneak preview on his most recent NTS show, but otherwise, you're just going to have to take our word that this is one hot slice of hi-tech soul. Keep your eyes peeled for this one for real!