Wolf Mller & Cass.
The Sound Of Glades (remixes)

Words by Dr Rob
Test Pressing, Dr Rob, Review, Wolf Muller, Cass., The Sound Of Glades, Remixes, Toulouse Low Trax, Salon Des Amateurs, Dusseldorf

More music from the denizens of Dusseldorf`s Salon Des Amateurs (1), as resident Toulouse Low Trax (2) remixes regular Wolf Müller (3), in collaboration with Cass. TLT has the rainforest ambience fizz of "Glade Runner" mechanised, buzzing and whirring like possessed nanotech. Built of wires and swtiches, there`s something very natural, organic, about the unhurried way that the melody rises above the hum and haze created. Hypnotic, but steady, alert, like a predator surveying a savannah at dawn. Wolf and Cass. take turns at “Aiolos”, separating the original out into its component parts; fretless bass & water-filled percussion (Wolf) and a slow sleepy lullaby of gamelan gongs (Cass.) - perhaps providing a clue to how the partnership works.



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