Dazion TP495 Words by Apiento
Dazion, mix. Test Pressing

A while back we got in touch with Dazion to ask for a mix to further understand where his sound comes from as its a perfect melting pot for these mixed up times. We first heard about him through his 'Don't Get Me Wrong' release on Second Circle which contained 'Be A Man' that we played over and over at Test Pressing towers. We also highly recommend his recent follow up for the label 'A Bridge Between Lovers' which contains the brilliantly titled (and sounding) 'Dad Forgot The Dishes'.

Tell us about the mix? What is the theme?

That's actually a really good question...hah. I don't really think it has a theme... I really like it when a song catches you off guard, rhythm wise... So maybe that could be it.

Where did you record it? What is the set up like there?

Actually Joris (from Magazijn in The Hague) always lets me use the club's setup, whenever I do a mix. I record everything with a Tascam DR7 Mk2. It's not the best device out there, but it gets the job done.

Where did you get this music from? How do you collate music for things like this?

Well, I found a lot of cool stuff on CD lately. I mean, vinyl is super sick, but this fits a lot better in my mailbox. Also, I exchange tracks with friends. Weird stuff, home-made edits, you name it. It's the best.

Where should this mix be listened to?

Everywhere you wanna turn heads with your sick portable JBL.

Ideal companion/s to listen to this mix with?

Family, friends, or people you love in general!