As you might have seen the other day we just announced our Morning Sessions at the Love International Festival and one of those has Powder B2B with 5ive. Powder was so good last year so we're very much looking forward to hearing these two together in the sunshine. Ahead of that we asked 5ive for a mix to hear what he's into and it's perfect. If you'd like to download it head to our Soundcloud. More going up there soon. Enjoy.

Tell us about the mix? What is the theme?

I'm staying at home all day, hoping for the warm weather.

Where did you record it? What is the set up like there?

I recorded it at home. The set up was Technics SL-1200MK6 turntables, Vestax PMC-06 Pro and Pioneer CDJ2000.

Where did you get this music from? How do you collate music for things like this?

I bought these records at record store in Japan.

Where should this mix be listened to?

I recommend to listen to this mix with sound system without subwoofer, like radio cassette player, speakers on your laptop, or your phone.. car audio might be good as well.

Ideal companion/s to listen to this mix with?

I've never thought about that...