We like Virgil Abloh at Test Pressing. He cut his teeth as a Creative Director initially and from there launched Off-White and the rest is kind of history. He's a polymath that clearly loves detail, delivery and being able to go wherever his interests take him. With a background in architecture this all makes sense. Coming from a musical background, and very much with an interest in music emanating from the UK, Abloh is doing more and more work in this area so here we are. This mixes covers all bases - from Bowie to Omar S, Floating Points, Alice Coltrane, Theo Parrish and on. Press play on the TP logo above. Tidy. x.

[Note - as an addition to this original post it is now 30th November 2021 and Virgil Abloh has sadly passed to other realms. We only had a very light interaction with Virgil but he seemed a lovely chap and was really accommodating to our questions. Bless. RIP. x.]

Tell us about the mix? What is the theme?

I recorded this mix in my basement two nights ago. The vibe came from an urge to use the current spring of 2020, a super unique period in humanity, to state a mission statement. I am from Chicago; this mix was made from the conjuring up of the spirit the sentiment of Chicago means to me. The ambition was to tell my story in a mix, as the speed increases; I zig-zag the globe under the guise of electronically produced music, from America to the UK - Europe to the black hoods of America. This mix is a sort of portrait; Playing house and techno from the past. Furthermore, focusing on today and what all these genres mean to me as a DJ.

Where did you record it? What is the set up like there?

In my basement, I created a modern pirate radio of sorts. I have these translucent Pioneer CDJs I designed with Pioneer, Technics 1200, and the new Pioneer V10 mixer. The sound system I have in place are 2A3 Set single-ended amplifiers handmade by Devon Turnbull running into vintage JBL 4344 speakers.

This is part of a new streaming concept for you - what’s the concept and goal?

So far, it’s just a channel that represents an idea. It’s a stream, but I see it evolving into an actual cult space where others can express themselves as DJs as well, in that same house music spirit, not just classic but house music today. (Follow Virgil on Instagram for more information on this - Ed).

Where did you get this music from? How do you collate music for things like this?

Like everyone else, I’ve been collecting music since a teenager. I started djing when I was 17 and am 39 now. My vinyl collection began where my dad's left off. And anything I hear and love is viable to get played.

Where should this mix be listened to?

Anywhere with fast WiFi :)


Ideal companion/s to listen to this mix with?

Solo at low volume or loud at a house party.


01. David Bowie - Subterraneans (Intro)

02. Ben Hixon - F4

03. Adryiano - On My Side

04. Henry Wu - Croydon Depot

05. Omar S - Just Ask The Lonely

06. Swae Lee - Won’t Be Late feat. Drake (Virgil Abloh Coachella Version)

07. Bambooman - Ricochet (Matthew Herbert’s Milky Dub)

08. Yeah But No - Run Run Run (Adam Port Remix)

09. Armando - We’re on the Move

10. Florian Kupfer - Post Present

11. Four Tet - Love Salad

12. Aphex Twin - tha2 (World Scam Mix)

13. Boston 168 - Terror Acid

14. 1800haightstreet - Jssla

15. Pearson Sound - Freeze Cycle

16. Jackmaster - Call & Response

17. Floating Points - Bias

17. Bel-Air Project - Dark Jazzor


20. 1800haightstreet - Habit Foaming

21. Young Nudy - Blue Cheese Salad

22. Jackmaster - Positive Negative

23. Novelist x Mumdance - 1 Sec

24. French Montana Riddim

25. Sir Spyro - Rudekid

26. DJ Nehphets - Club Banga

27. DJ Nehphets - Lay It Down

28. DJ Rashad - Trap Bakk

29. DJ Rashad - Rollin

30. Special Request - Special Frequency

31. Omni Trio - Renegade Snares (Foul Play VIP Mixx)

32. Studio Pressure - Presha III

33. Alice Coltrane - Spiritual Eternal

34. Jessamine - Flutes (Kassem Mosse Stilel Floeten Mix)

35. Mondée Oliver - Make Me Want You

36. Radiohead - Everything Edit

37. Theo Parrish - Friendly Children

Photo Credit – Mark Borthwick.