To go along with out 2021 Round Up we've made a mix with one track from each participant. As ever please buy the music if you like it as the artists need it more than ever and, lets be honest, this is some fucking fantastic music... It's pretty much all available on Bandcamp which is where we bought most of it.

Here's the tracklisting and who selected what...

Time Cow & RTKal ‘Elephant Man’ (Lexx)
Olof Dreijer - Echoes From Mamori (Piers Harrison)
Nullptr ‘Lost Time’ (Apiento)
Nebraska Avec BeBelle ‘Espace Fuis’ (John Gomez)
Joaquin Joe Claussell ‘Air We Breathe’ (Bruce Tantum)
Nice Girl ‘The Coming’ (Kay Suzuki)
Cleo Sol ‘Don’t Let It Go To Your Head’ (404 Eros)
Khruangbin & Felix Dickinson ‘Time’ (You and I) (Brian Morrison)
Nu Genea ‘Marechià’ (Phil Mison)
Alex Kassian ‘Leave Your Life’ (Paramida)
Decius 'Macbeth' (2ManyDJs)
Ponty Mython ‘I Summoned Rick’ (Dave Harvey)
DJ Stingray 313 ‘Bioplastics’ (ALM Busy Circuits)
Arp Frique feat. Mariseya ‘Nyame Ye’ (Laani)
Fauzia ‘It’s OK’ (Air Beautiful Swimmers)
Yu Su 'Xiu' (Budino)
Ramzi ‘Coeur Dodu’ (Chuggy)
SOPHIE - BIPP (Autechre Mx) (Trevor Jackson)
Absis ‘Floating Around’ (Jane Fitz)
Tizian Popoli ‘Blues Padani’ (Leo Mas)
Tara Clerkin Trio ‘In Spring’ (Time Is Away)
Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders, LSO ‘Movement 2’ (Andrew Hale)
Cassandra Jenkins ‘Hard Drive’ (Dr Rob)
Arooj Aftab ‘Suroor’ (Martyn Pepperell)