Black Bones have been quietly dancefloor dynamite edits on 12's for some times and have a new one out soon (number 7 believe it or not) which contains the same mix of wonky edits made with a wink for the dancefloor. They are also about to release their first EP on Belfast's Touch Sensitive and about time for that too... With that in mind it seemed the perfect time to get them to do a DJ mix to show us what they're all about as we hear good things about their taste across the board. Press play on the TP icon above or If you want to download this mix head to our Soundcloud. Nice.

Tell us about the mix? What is the theme?

TIMMY: For me this mix was made for the bit after or before the club. Preferably after hours, hazy early morning am. We both picked around 12 tracks each we really loved with that kind of environment in mind. Old records, brand new records, edits and our own versions of things. I loved the how not to be a DJ advice that Aaron found and peppered through the mix. Sterling anti advice, forget about the music concentrate on the brand!

AARON: Basically we wanted to do a mix that wasn't aimed squarely at the floor but also had a bit of energy about it as well. We felt that it needed a vocal sample throughout so I went onto youtube and typed 'DJ's talking nonsense'. Didn't take long to find the right advice.

Where did you record it? What is the set up like there?

TIMMY : This mix had a few stages, one where we met up and just listened to each other’s selections and worked out roughly how we’d like things to flow. We did this in Aaron’s record room using a turntable, mixer and pile of our records. It was part DJ mix and part studio edit to help the flow and trippy feel, we chopped loads of the tracks down and layered a lot of the mixes, added reverbs and delays etc.

AARON: We wanted it to feel a little bit trippy so it was finished in Ableton as we could chop and loop bits etc. I think every track has been edited in some way. Not as much fun as doing it on the fly on decks but it allowed us to do more.

Where did you get this music from? How do you collate music for things like this?

TIMMY : Years of collecting music between us via record store visits, unhealthy discogs trawling as well as ongoing digital music hoarding. Thankfully we both have an attitude where a good mix should span the decades and not stick on any one style or period for too long as well as a definite start middle and closing feel. So things you’ve maybe forgotten about alongside stuff you haven’t heard before. The best mixes should aim to be timeless and have you wanting to know more about the tracks or labels represented imo.

AARON: I've only got into the digital world so my picks were a mix of vinyl and some digital stuff that you can't get on record. To be honest I'm not a vinyl purist it's just what I got into as a teenager and kept with it. Although I love records I'm glad I've started digging into the digital side as well. It's endless!

Where should this mix be listened to?

TIMMY : I love listening to music while cooking and also on a decent drive as there seems to be less distraction while listening to music while having to focus on one main activity. I can also vouch that in the sunshine with a nice drink in your hand is working for this one. That after the club zone with friends will have to be tested down the line unfortunately.

AARON: As the sun is going down with a nice drink and you feel a bit more Zen about things (hopefully).

Ideal companion/s to listen to this mix with?

TIMMY : For me my wife, once we get the kids to bed and crack the wine open to celebrate a day of not killing the kids is working for me right now.

AARON: Same!

Photography by Chad Alexander.