As many of you know we have been providing the sunrise music at Love International in Croatia for a number of years now and I have to say it just gets better and better. This year was a classic. Over the years the music has developed from strung out ambient and balearic to a more groovy electronic come loft-y feel as people that have danced all night watch the sun rise over the Adriatic to the sound. Some want to dance gently, some lie down, some wave their arms in the air. It's pretty fucking special tbh and we're very lucky. This year the plan gets bigger so we look forward to that. In the meantime we thought we'd run some of the recordings from the Morning Sessions this past summer and who better to start off with than Heidi Lawden who just seems to get better and better. Press play in the player footer and enjoy. It's also on our Soundcloud.

Tell us about the mix? What was the theme?

The theme was from ESP Institute boat party to all night long at Barberellas with DJ Harvey heading direct on a charter boat to how am I still sanding to play the Test Pressing sunrise session with the sun well and truly up ; ). It felt like a dream to be honest. A really good dream. Originally I thought I’d play a lot more weird and ambient but on arrival I got the word it was time to bring some beats in for the dancers so it was more on the fly with everyones mood in mind you know what feels right after an all night sesh and the vibes are high.

Where did you record it? What is the set up like there?

From that beachside wooden shack overlooking the Adriatic - set up about as fine as you will find anywhere in the world.

How do you collate music for things like this? Where did you get this music from?

I pretty much set things aside all year with places and parties in mind - constantly have multiple piles and playlists going that I add too - I've got playlists marinading for parties and places I've never even been asked to play just in case. We’re all music hounds us DJs. I just took a flight from Miami to LA and was half sleep listing to new music on my laptop for the duration waking up to pull things into various playlists for future gigs and future dream gigs.

Where should this music be listened to?

I need to re-listen to it to give that more thought, I have a really hard time listening back to things even my radio show, it’s like a moment in time captured and I never wanna hark on it. I guess you could throw it on to get you in the mood for Love Int 2020, the vibe was chill but happy so I hope if you listen to it it makes you feel a little of what we were. F me I’m so excited to be heading back

Who are the deal companion/s to listen to this mix with?

All the people I haven’t met yet and the new friends I made that morning, social media is a f-ing great thing at times, the connections you make after nights into mornings like this, people you end up talking to a little all year and getting all worked up for future fun to come - those are the people I wanna listen to it with and play more for.

Heidi is appearing at Love International 2020 in Croatia next summer. It's the best time and we highly recommend it for all. Headline acts below and click HERE for more information. TP Thanks to Sam Fox for the photos.