Every time I walk into the Music and Video Exchange in Greenwich there's something interesting on the stereo. I guess music people working in a music store will make that happen. When Jamie has his music on you can always tell its his and generally I'll have to ask what some things are. So naturally I asked for a mix as I thought some of you might like it too.

Jamie was brought up in Swansea, South Wales listening to John Peel, raving at the weekend while scouring DJ, Mixmag and the bargain bins for the mellower tracks and odd B-sides that made more sense at home or on his Walkman. He moved to London for university, got a job at MVE three days after his last exam and has been there ever since. 26 years to be exact. Imagine if you're a smart music head how much knowledge you would have amassed and how many good records have passed through those stores. Tbh if I had cash to pay people for writing about music at Test Pressing Jamie would be one of the first people I'd ask. We digress...

He's run the Greenwich shop since 2000. When asked about the mix he said, "The tracks I’ve picked are pretty typical of what I like, mostly lightweight, the odd left turn from an established artist, soaked in the imagined pan-European aesthetic that you get from listening to too many Yello records too young. Basically Benetton, Orangina and Joe Le Taxi vibes. I’ve got to thank Alan, JJ and especially Alex for putting me onto some of these. There are two PSB tracks in homage to the legendary Matthew Burgess ‘Who Dares To Love Forever’ mix, time limits sadly meant no room for a third."

I think that tells you all you need to know and that you should click play on the TP logo above and enjoy.