This was a nice once to get in the inbox on a sunny morning, a brand new compilation by Basso for International Feel / Running Back. Hands up, and with full transparency, I worked with Mark Barrott, founder of International Feel, signing music and getting the Jose Padilla project together (with producers Telephones, Tornado Wallace, Wolf Muller and Mark himself). Mark Barrott is a total one off. Someone that sees life from a different angle and hallelujah to all those people.

When IFeel started it felt like a take on Whatever We Want Records as the label took on Harvey and company but it soon found its own feet with Mark leading the charge and finding different shapes within "that" world of music. After the labels time finding its feet with Running Back it's come back super strong with this new compilation from Basso that really captures the spirit of this music we all love. It's warm nights, low down dancefloors, cold drinks as you listen to the waves and more... He's nailed it.

Basso is behind the Growing Bin label. Someone that totally gets it and pulls in influences from jazz, ambient, funk and more in his compilations and releases on the label. It's a different take and it's aways interesting. His previous compilation 'Proper Sunburn' for Kenneth Bager's Music For Dreams was a personal favourite and is superb. One of those records you go to when you want the 'no brainer always sounds good whatever the situation' music. This follows suit and is a perfect companion piece.

The album opens with Edwin Schimscheimer's 'Bon Nuit Michelle' which is a beauty. The last track on an album called simply 'Piano'. It sounds like a Mike Francis production... Press play below and enjoy.

The compilation is all basically lowdown and sun blessed music. Dancing Fantasy arrive with 'Mystery Voice' from 1990 all looped vocal samples before a beautiful soft bassline enters the fray. Peak of Normal's 'Hava' feels like a reggae groove was the starting point before a clarinet takes the track in jazzier dimensions. Christian Ch. Kneisel arrives with 'Jungle Connection' and it's more on that tropical reggae sound. It's always so nice when someone starts from a certain genre and then somewhere along the line it becomes all their own thing. Beau Michael's 'Move Away (Extended)' sounds again like a Mike Francis production... Maybe it's that soft male voice. Half spoken half sung.

Summer Vee's 'Judas' bring a modern feel to proceedings but it slots in so nicely. That lovely string pad you hear in jazz funk tunes like 'Expansions' sitting subtly behind a live sounding recording. I'm not sure a song named 'Judas' should sound this happy.

As we come to the closing two tracks things take a little more a chill turn. Patrick Jahn & Erobique's 'Moonlight Shuffle' is a stone cold beauty. Such a gorgeous sounding record. Warm and comforting. It would sound emotional by the sea and cosy late at night. The album closes with 'After The Storm' by Ikee Largo which has a sample from a certain Birmingham based UK pop band and the same lyrics as a very lovely Pressure Drop record (it actually sounds like her on that vocal too though I'm not sure it is). Killer record though.

In summation, Basso does comps well. They are a perfect mix of the rare, the new, the expensive and the interesting all structured in a way whereby the music flows. It's super balearic. Highly recommended.

Basso Presents 'Sitting In Trees' is available in all good record stores now.