London's Heels & Souls Recordings continue their sensational run of UK street soul, new jack swing, electro, downbeat and synth-pop reissues with a new four-track 12" combining some juicy cult classics from Elaine Vassell and 3rd Zone. Dating back to 1993, the two songs (and alternative mixes) showcased reflect the moment when house, UK soul, and street soul were living hand in hand in DJ sets, mixtapes and home recording studios as part of a euphoric early-to-mid-90s melting pot.

On the A-side, we explore two different versions of Elaine Vassell's breakbeat soul number, ‘Never Give Up’, the Original Mix and the Chill Zone Mix. Produced by Longsy D, Pinky and Murray in a home studio, they utilized the storied DX7, Juno 106, LinnDrum and Roland 808 to build a sturdy hip-hop-meets-house riddim accentuated by spacious synths and rumbling subs. Whether in standard mode or stripped-down chill zone form, it's perfectly-poised backdrop for Elaine's yearning and unbreakable soul vocal, which equally fittingly, delivers a message that feels even more relevant three decades on.

Meanwhile, on the B-side, Sansel Ali and twin brothers Mark and Stephen Anglin team up as 3rd Zone and find out what they're capable of creating together in a home studio with two mixes of 'You Stole My Heart', vinyl mix and remix. Originally dropped as a white level in 1991, two years later it made it's way onto their first and only EP, No Real Reason. Written with synth modules, a drum machine and a Korg M1, 'You Stole My Heart' sees Sansel Ali singing over a mid-tempo piano house meets street soul groover, with Stephen Anglin popping up for a rapped hip-house style interlude. On the remix, the drums get harder and the bass gets bassier.

Never Give Up / You Stole My Heart out now through Heels & Souls Recordings (Order here)