Once upon a time edits were ‘new’. Remember that? Now it’s a genre in its own right. Whether that’s correct is another matter. However, it is a fact, and you can prove anything with facts. Anyway, what’s always been true is the quality editors of this world can take an existing record and make something completely new out of it. Finding the obscure diamond in the rough and cutting it to create something that gleams. It’s in that company that Harri Pierson rightly sits.

I'm still waiting on news as to who this Harri fella is mind, but the name keeps cropping up these days. A recent run of sevens under the Personality Edits banner have gone down very well indeed. So this one via Duca Bianca was always going to cause more than just a ping on the radar.

‘Instant Message’ is up first, with an infectious zithering bounce rolling into its Euro-esque vibe. Spoken word drops and a killer stab for the dancers. It’s infectious, you know you’ve got to have this one.

Second round with ‘Techno Native’. Another pure floor piece. Jangling drums and another keyboard motif to die for, drop in some chanted vocals for good measure and let it fly.

On a more organic, tracky tip, ‘Trippy Too’ is just that. Tough bongos with a touch of acid, and more than sufficiently ethereal to get lost in once the witching hour arrives.

Final drop is ‘Young Australians’, and maybe the pick of the bunch. Surging guitars with a touch of post punk crunch, it builds to a cowbell finale that will definitely satisfy. And yes, some suitably dramatic closing vocals are there to boot.

So there it is, a four tracker of pure dancefloor tackle, tied with a bow and ready to play. Strictly no fat, tightly produced, no unnecessary baggage and plenty of heat to melt the coldest January heart.

DB12 is out now and available on digital via the Duca Bianca Bandcamp.