In 2022, New York City dwellers Jennifer Vanilla and Brian Abelson, aka Jennifer Vanilla, released their debut album "Castle In The Sky" through Mike Sniper's Omnian Music Group's Sinderlyn imprint. Built out of elements of new wave, post-punk, art-pop, and experimental R&B, listening to the eight-track album was like stepping through a stargate into a colourful, fresh and fun electronic soundworld.

Close to two years later, fellow New Yorkers, Love Injection, the record label/radio show/magazine and production duo of Barbie Bertisch and Paul Raffaele, have lovingly assembled a three-track 12" EP focused around Jennifer Vanilla's hyper-joyful disco-pop track "Jennifer Pastoral". Alongside the original mix, it also includes two floatier versions, "Love Injection’s Earthly Mix" and "Love Injection’s Celestial Mix."

For "Love Injection’s Earthly Mix", Barbie and Paul team up with Conclave frontman Cesar Toribio, who adds electric, neon-lit keyboard lines to a bed of wavy synths, subtle but infectious hand percussion, and a driving deep house groove that refuses to outstay its welcome. In the process, they reimagine "Jennifer Pastoral" on a soaring, sky-high scale. Meanwhile, on "Love Injection’s Celestial Mix," they pair things back and take their time to the emotions really build before locking into a rhythmic ambient groove that feels calming, hypnotic and dreamy in equal measure.

Jennifer Pastoral (The Love Injection Remixes) is due for release through Love Injection Records on March 15 2024 (pre-order here)