The first thing you’ll notice about ‘Jus Move’ is that’s it’s the probably the most tranquil invitation to hit the dance floor that you’ve likely ever encountered. Sure, the lyrics serve as an exhortation to ‘move your body’ and ‘feel the groove’ and the like; yes, those lyrics are draped over a house beat and a mesmeric two-bar loop, normally the sort of architecture that does indeed get people moving. But the release, a collaboration between producer Jonna, of the City Fly label and collective, and Detroit-based vocalist Javonntte (who’s an excellent producer in his own right), feels more akin to a warm, gentle caress than a clubland call-to-arms. And it’s all the better for it.

‘The original mix of ‘Jus Move’ has the feel of house music that’s been put together while in the haziest of dream states, or perhaps a barely-there, gossamer memory of the rapture of what it feels like when everything hits just right. Synth pads shimmer; a Rhodes piano swirls; a snare gently rat-a-tats. Floating above it all is Javonntte’s near-spectral croon, a reverie narration of the scene unfolding around him. It’s a lovely tune, lush and sweet.

Also lovely are the two remixes, one from the late, great Michel Baumann, working under his Soulphiction moniker, and the other courtesy of Detroit doyen Marcellus Pittman. Baumann’s mix brings the hazy original into sharper focus via some adroit editing, while retaining most of the core elements — that piano! that voice! that vibe! — that make the original so special. Pittman’s version, meanwhile, is a slice-and-dice delight, its keys, snare and vocals fractured into a prismatic gem. Good stuff all around, then.

'Jus Move' is available for pre-oder via your favorite record shop.