There’s a lot to love about this record. Firstly you have to admire the label’s unconventional approach to promotion (there hasn’t been any other than word of mouth) as well as their unhurried approach to production (it’s taken 9 years to come to fruition). They say all good things come to those who wait, and that’s certainly the case here.

Then of course there’s the music itself which is genuinely life-affirming stuff. Dub infused, politically charged rebel house music of the highest order. Rainy City’s Irfan teams up with Simbad to take charge of the beats and legendary dub poet Mutabaruka looks after the lyrics. It’s a match made in heaven delivered in two equally compelling and complementary mixes - a full on acidic 9 minute workout for the dancefloor and a deeper melodica driven dub for headphones and headspace.

As an added bonus they also revisit Mutabaruka’s iconic ‘Dis Poem’ made famous by Bobby Konders' late night house rerub from the early 90s and give it their own unique super deep and dubby contemporary update.

Hats off to all involved on this one. An absolutely outstanding 12” on every level.

Copies are available to buy at the Dubwise Vinyl Shop.