Oro Azul are the latest addition to the Mood Hut. Rudimentary translation ‘Golden Blue’. Combine that with this EP’s title, they perfectly encapsulate the submersible nature of their sound. Comprising the duo of Canada’s Michael Red and Mexico’s Ultima Esuna, together they have crafted four tracks of music that mix a sense of tranquillity, while being beautifully engaging on an emotional level. They are sparingly produced, its head music that cuts its cloth very tight. No sound is wasted in the mix and each constituent part carries out its role perfectly.

‘Lumeria’ floats its way into view with the subtlest of woodwind-led melodies, building into something more heavy but without losing its way to bombast. It’s subaquatic cave music for the deep sea adventurers among us. ‘Atlantis’ almost squelches along, its descending beats and whispered voices taking the listener deeper with each passing minute.

‘Mantarraya’ is more mid-paced, more wind instrumental sounds and complex syncopated beats drawing ever deeper into a blissful abyss. Final track ‘Eros’ is the most driving of the four, heavy drums propel it forward with occasional sub-dub stabs at crucial points for added drama.

Nautical metaphors present themselves left right and centre listening to this record, but suffice to say the music here really does evoke the big blue and all its power and mystery. It’s subtle and affecting, in turns melodic but also punchy when it needs to be. Like the waves on the surface they can be wild but at depth their power is more propulsive. It’s a combination that works in a highly effective and moving way.

Water Seeds by Oro Azul is available now via Bandcamp