Here's "How's Life", the latest album from Canadian producer Jamison Isaak's Pacific Coliseum project. I came across Isaak (or maybe he came across me, my memory chip fails me) on twitter, where he's recently been showing off some of what looks like a very good collection of slomo European boogie, ambient and Japanese city-pop.

Allusions to these forms come through loud and clear at points across "How's Life", a suite of 12 club-ready tracks drenched in midi jazz-funk, classic house and new age reference points. That said, club-ready is probably a bit of a red herring, because these songs have a tender, introspective quality that simultaneously locates them on the slightly more uptempo side of the chillout lounge - chair-dancing groovers that can, in the right context, heat up into something more potent and powerful. Get you a Coliseum that can do both.

On my first listen, I was particularly taken with the sleek, spacious acid (jazz) house of "Relief", the sort of track that could effortlessly soundtrack a sky-high pool party in Lando Calrissian's Cloud City, and the strutting, sparkly disco-funk of "Really Gone". But if you give it some time, "How's Life" is riddled with beautiful percussive and melodic moments. Good for walking, good for chilling, and hopefully when we get out of these lockdowns, good for late night dancing as well.

How's Life" is out now in digital and 12" formats through Let's Play House (order here)