More refreshing and interesting sounds here on Nummer's Natural Selections label, where musical expression transcends genre boundaries. And this release from Okinawa's Paul Mahoux exemplifies that ethos. One can pinpoint touchstones for the tracks on 'Lysergie Villageoise', but they feel untethered from the attendant musical tropes. Instead, it unspools like a stream of consciousness, one man's singular experimentation and exploration of sound.

In his own words, Mahoux is a 'guitarist, music instructor, audio producer, composer, arranger, improviser, and DJ.' He 'lives right at the corner between Jazz, Funk, Ambient, Folk, Electronic.' His music is a combination of serious chops and DIY practicality. He ploughs his own furrow, weaving between the organic and digital, and has found kindred spirits in Berlin's Nummer.

'So(u)rcier' comes on like Ry Cooder drenched in reverb before a loping tribal rhythm section kicks in. A chopped-up, heavily affected vocal joins the fray - the overall effect is propulsive and meditative. 'V'là Les Druidesses' has the small t trance-like guitar of Ashra and a jazz fusion vibe. Spiralling, hypnotic mind music that I could imagine having being part of David Mancuso's first Bardo at the Loft.

'Tohu Bohu An Rinceoir' leans into house music but in a fairly idiosyncratic manner, with a looped guitar motif, twisted vocal refrain and all manner of electronic madness drifting across the soundscape. It's like a maximal take on minimal house. 'Cent Mille Ancêtres' is ten minutes of guitar-led ambience, every pick and knock front and centre, 'Paris Texas' in deep space. Expansive!

More dope music for those not afraid to lean left from the Nummer camp, and I urge you to check out Paul Mahoux's Bandcamp for more adventures in sound.

'Lysergie Villageoise' will be released on March 8th on Natural Selections