Now, this is one of those ones that starts soft and gentle (like a rather large pillow?) and then gradually ramps up the right way. Natural Race is Italian duo Stump Valley's debut release on Dekmantel Records, and it follows on from DJ appearances at Dekmantel Festival, Dekmantel Selectors, and Lente Kabinet. Beginning with the lush, cloudy vocal house of the title track (featuring Berlin-based vocalist and Max Graef collaborator Wayne Snow), Natural Race sees Stump Valley cycling through various strands of high-gloss rhythmic soul, sleek, slinky jazz and dreamy house, all rendered through a sun-kissed Balearic filter.

'Marimbamba Isla De Joie' mixes a drum machine strut with more-bounce-to-the-ounce with stargazed syths, before 'Magnifico Notturno' plays with the balance between hip-hugging bass stabs, cowbells and a nostalgic melody. 'Barrilete Cosmico' conjures up a shuffling lounge groove that wouldn't be out of place in Star Wars's alien cantina, and 'Proletarians In Space' takes things back to Detroit with some futuristic man/machine interfacing music vibes. Elsewhere, 'Zoo Planet X' and 'Ritmo Atomico' ramp things up with some dubby touches, before winding things down with the steady groove and twitchy, insectoid synth flickers of 'Starbugs'. And whether you slice it into DJ tools, or just let the whole thing roll out, Natural Race delivers.

Natural Race is out now in 2x12" vinyl and digital formats through Dekmantel Records (order here)