Telephones returns with the second installment of 'Point Breaks / Beach Breaks,' supplying DJs with five eminently usable, finely crafted cuts primed for different moments in their sets. Faced with a flagging festival crowd bogged down with deconstructed club music and challenging techno? Reach for 'Another Time.' Riding on a similar riff to one made famous by Paris's most well-known helmet wearers, this lures 'em in with a familiar hook before settling into a crafty groove of a middle section and then blasting it out into space again at the end.

Find yourself DJ'ing for a discerning crowd of hedonists replete after the previous night's acid house antics? Well, here's 'Playa De Cochlea (Teleport).' Advanced designer chill-out music rolling in like an outtake from Tripomatic Fairytales with blissed-out synths massaging the remaining serotonin molecules. Just add a beach and sunrise for instant Nirvana.

Hipster party in fashionable South London and the nerds are whipping out their street soul white labels? No worries, lace them with 'Refshers (Doogie Street Dub).' It's got those bumping nostalgic breaks and old-school licks with a light sheen of modern production know-how. Proper head nodders gear. Accidentally got booked at a Wellness Festival and discovered yourself soundtracking some kind of plant medicine ritual? This is literally not a problem with 'Dew Drops (Morning Dip Trip).' You'll guide the psychedelic adventurers through their trip to organic enlightenment just so.

The EP closes out with 'Phase Alternate' Life, a steppin' slice of break-bleep that will work your warehouse party right. Cool enough for the heads and groovy enough for the good-time girls. It's an undisputable dancefloor Venn diagram that you need in your box.

And there it is, five killer cuts from the man who makes this stuff look so damn easy - better call Telephones.

'Point Breaks / Beach Breaks 2' is out on November 15th on European Carryall Records.