Every record that ever matters to you has a story to tell, a memory that binds the music to the listener - making it special. Those tales and associations can be unique or shared, and can become a vital part of that aural experience. Balearic Mike and Kelvin Andrews are seasoned musical raconteurs, whose journeys into sound have found themselves washed up on many a strange and unusual place. So it’s completely fitting that this return on Music for Dreams is packed with tracks filled with such musical recollections. And like all good books there’s a suitably delightful cover by the genius that is Andy Votel (and not forgetting mastering by the only Sean P).

Opener, ‘Objetos Perdidos (Dagobert Böhm’s las Estrellas y el Interminable Sonido del Mar Remix)’ captures this perfectly with its familial connection for Kelvin. A Josete Ordonez track that makes for the perfect beginning. Or being introduced to the ‘Greek Robbie Williams’ in an Athens basement club, (via record) with ‘I Believe You’re The One’ whose gorgeous folky harmonies and beautiful Mediterranean guitars do as much as any track to capture the duo’s sound. The comp also brings that spirit of sharing between friends. Like Francisco’s ‘Heal Yourself’, a tip from Jayne Winstanley, that is a completely trippy hot swirl of 70’s folkadelia that you’ve never heard before.

Keeping true to the Balearic spirit, the pair don’t limit themselves to any style, genre or tempo. Take the misty spaciousness of Vidderna doing ‘Villfarelser’ from 2010, first heard in a forest rave in Robin Hood’s backyard. Or Meo’s chuggy groove and woodwind boogie, held together by the whispered chant of the title - ‘Cikuana’. There’s more obscure 80’s via Tri Atma and the electro-acoustic combination that forms ‘Yummy Moon (Long Version)’.

It’s not all on the downtempo tip, they’re not afraid of a big crowd pleaser or two. Old favourites Pressure Drop make an appearance with the almighty ‘Unify (Rip-up Instrumental)’ whose rolling drums and firing horns are correct and in place. Or try a bit of Sunshine Jones and the ten minutes plus of ‘Fall In Love Not In Line (Extended Vocal Version)’, vocal drop anticipation? It’s well worth the wait.

And the stories continue, there’s the brief yet resonant career of Auckland’s Car Crash Set who provide the eerily reminiscent sounds of ‘Fall from Grace’, taking a very northern sound and making it their own. Or the subterfuge of obtaining that elusive copy of the Idjut’s doing their thing on Len’s cover of ‘Steel My Sunshine’.

This is a page-turner of a selection, with plenty more anecdotes to match the quality of the music on show here. Apparently stories need a beginning, middle and an end, but with this one, with a bit of luck Volume Quatro is well and truly in development.

Down to the Sea & Back - Volume Tres is available to pre-order now and released on 31 May 2024 via Bandcamp